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Malibu High School

Malibu, CA
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  • Grades 6-12
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  • Enrollment: 948


Malibu High School
30215 Morning View Drive
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 457-6801
Malibu High School is located in Malibu, CA and serves grades 6-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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This school is physically being rebuilt...It's going to look amazing. I have two children that are going through right now and I'm glad to see that the rebuilding process is on track. malibu will soon be its own school district, this coupled with the fantastic parent participation will make this school truly exceptional. Malibu has always been a town that many strive to live in, move here and you'll never leave...its that nice!
I am a parent at the school and my child is in high school. We spent all the years here from the start of middle school until current high school grade. The leadership at the school is ever changing, unstable and ineffective. There is rampant bullying at the school with kids ghosting other kids to the point of complete social alienation. This is a very dangerous trend and nobody cares. People you've known all your life don't even say high to you after spending a life together at school. Where on earth are you supposed to make friends if not at school and at school sports? The reason for this is perceived (I refuse to say rich because there people aren't, but like to portray this image) social status and Instagram popularity. The quality of the teaching is questionable for the most part in high school, although there are a handful of very nice teachers that have been there a long time. Parents are a whole other story - they spent 3 years suing the school, to obtain celebrity status, and after losing the lawsuit, and wasting $5M of tax payer's school funding money, they now cut ribbons and gift school with water fountains. $5 wasted millions could have bought a lot of those! School sports are also a joke. Never seen so many sports coaches that are just not interested in sports. Avoid the whole place like a plague. Truly awful.
I give this school two stars because it has some truly excellent teachers, particularly in the history department, and many terrific kids and families that make this a very supportive environment. The school prides itself on high test scores, but it works the kids very, very hard to be able to boast that. There's a lot of teaching to the test. And some aspects of the administration are deeply problematic. The combined middle/high school is about to get its fourth principal in five years, and the way the district has been handling an ongoing contamination problem on campus has caused many dedicated, longtime families to withdraw their kids. More than 40 seventh graders left last year. I hope this school pulls it together soon because it has a lot of potential and a solid past, but the present state of affairs on campus is pretty troubling.
I am a student and I recently had to switch schools because of PCB contaminated classrooms. I left all my friends I had been going to school with since kindergarten. I would like to be able to go back To my community school but with three teachers getting cancer the risk is too high. When i switched to a new school I was pretty much shocked when I found myself learning Spanish, taking up a new sport and doing extra curricular activities. I hope this school gets PCB's cleaned up, remodeled and better teachers....FAST.
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