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Fred C. Beyer High School

Modesto, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1654


Fred C. Beyer High School
1717 Sylvan Avenue
Modesto, CA 95355
(209) 574-1647
Fred C. Beyer High School is located in Modesto, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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My oldest graduated in 2014 and attended here all 4 years. My middle child is a freshman. Mr. Park the Principal does a very good job maintaining order. Neither of my kids had ever seen a fight and never experienced bullying. When I have been on campus the kids seem calm and normal. There are some truly amazing teachers who went above and beyond. The college councilor was wonderful in supporting my oldest and helping him navigate the confusing world of college apps. The one downfall is there are a couple of teachers who give way to much homework. Hours a night. If your student is on the AP track this is a heads up. Other than that it is an almost perfect campus. I have heard nightmare stories from parents of Enochs students regarding bullying and extremely permissive about sexual things, and the issues that I hear about Enochs, I have never heard about Beyer.
Its a great school with teachers who are happy and willing to help you if you ASK for it. Its not crowded and teachers dont let the students do what ever they in the classroom. The councilors are amazing and work hard to make sure every student is taken care of. Its not perfect but its the best public High School you'll find in Modesto.
It is absolutely appalling that this school employs a teacher who A) doesn't know the one subject in which she is paid to teach and who has to "relearn" her subject every year even after teaching it for 20 years, therefore if she doesn't know the subject how can she possibly teach it. B) can't teach effectively so as to not even 1 student can get an A in her class, now mind you she only had 10(TEN) students in her class and not a single one was awarded an A. C) who bullies, belittles and puts down students in front of the class, other students and peers and the administrators allow her to continue on with no discipline even after it was brought to their attention. D) who discourages students to follow their dreams and passion in life and who truly believes the only important thing in these students lives should be her class and that the students should not participate in any other clubs, sports, activities or classes. This is the worst school if your child is really smart, takes A/P courses and wants to go on to college...there is no encouragement or support for any of these students. On the other hand if your child want to just skate by with average classes and lolly-gag by all means this is the perfect school for you.
This school is the worst school any of my children have attended! Bullying is a huge problem, that the teachers look right over. When your child starts to need additional help in any of their classes the teachers do not offer any extra help. The classes are over crowded. Once the vice principals have decided that they do not like your student for any reason, in our case I was a active parent who wanted the best for my child, they did everything in their power to push her out of this school. After the first semester in this poor excuse of a school, I pulled my child out and put her into a different high school. Now she is excelling in all aspects including academics and athletics. DO NOT send your child here!!!!! If I could have rated this zero stars I would.
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