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Monte Rio Elementary School

Monte Rio, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 84


Monte Rio Elementary School
20700 Foothill Drive
Monte Rio, CA 95462
(707) 865-2266
Monte Rio Elementary School is located in Monte Rio, CA and serves grades K-8.
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Reviews5 Reviews

Disappointed. I had hear this school was really doing well, but my experience this year has been troubling. My child spent way too much time on chrome books looking at youtube than actually learning. Complaining did nothing. I don't even think the principal discussed it with the teacher. I am pulling my child this year and sending them to a place where students are put first, not last.
Just didn't provide the academic rigor I was hoping for considering the class sizes are small. No one seems to ever look into a problem. You can complain about something and even go to the board, but in the end no one will do anything about any of it. Not interested in moving forward.
Disappointed! I had higher expectations but I don’t see much care or thought going into educating kids. Also went for the amazing garden program and now that person has left mysteriously. Sad cause this school could be amazing. Why do the good teachers always leave and no one seems interested in keeping them?
My kids attended 3rd and 6th grades in 2011. I have to say that I really enjoyed the teachers and the after-school program is great but there is a fundamental break down between their principal and the staff which trickles down to the entire well- being of the school. My 3rd grader was being bullied which was affecting her overall functioning at Monte Rio. I brought this to the attention of the Principal, Ms. Schwinn, (after about 10 unanswered voicemails), I was finally able to get to her by just showing up without an appointment ( in which she was very sure to be rude to me because I didn't have an appointment). When I was finally able to discuss the issue with her, she was short with me and actually very flippant about the whole matter. I sought a district transfer the following year as I didn't feel Schwinn's interest was at all about the children and more about her ego.
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