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Bethany Elementary School

Mountain House, CA
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 857


Bethany Elementary School
570 Escuela Drive
Mountain House, CA 95391
(209) 836-7250
Bethany Elementary School is located in Mountain House, CA and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Horrible. The teachers are rude and mean to the students. The principal should be fired. She bullies the students. This is not a happy place. Its all about control, control, control.
The Principle and a few teachers are rude an narrow-minded. My child no longer goes to this school because of them. My child felt unsafe and uncomfortable attending this school. While my son was in Iraq, he was injured by an IED. I told this to my daughter and she was distraught. She told me about how she cried in the bathroom during lunch time and her friends came in to be there for her. The Principle, Ms. Wingo, proceeded to go into the bathroom and told every single one of them that they will receive referrals because of being in the bathroom DURING LUNCH TIME. She then pulled my daughter to the side and asked her what was wrong. My daughter explained to her what had happened and Ms. Wingo told her to "Get over it." This baffles me as to how she can run an elementary school without a heart. Ms. Wingo does not care about the students attending this school. I strongly recommend any school besides Bethany Elementary School.
This school baffles me. The staff does not care about any of the students. I'm shocked that this school has such a "great" rating. Most of the positive ratings are probably from blind parents. This school has a huge bullying issue and none of the staff do anything about it. Also, many female students get sexually harassed. Many cases of this and many cases of stalking have been reported, but the staff never do anything about it. It's completely ridiculous. Recently, there was an incident in one of the girl's bathrooms. Inside one the stalls, there was graffiti targeting one female student. It contained a large amount of profanity and the graffiti stated that the female student was a "hoe." Students reported this to a teacher, and then the teacher the teacher reported it to the office. The targeted student was distraught and hysterical. The student even claimed that she wanted to commit suicide. Later, there was proof upon who graffitied the inside of the stall. The school did nothing. These are just some examples of why this school is disgusting and unbelievable. I wish I could give this school zero stars.
Both my daughters go here & we are very happy that this is the school we chose. The staff is very friendly so are the teachers who are approachable and very committed to their work. My kids are very content and motivated to work hard. Also the school environment is very positive with all kids friendly & well behaved.
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