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Newport Harbor High School

Newport Beach, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2381


Newport Harbor High School
600 Irvine Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92663
(949) 515-6300
Newport Harbor High School is located in Newport Beach, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Our children attended Newport Elementary, Ensign, and Newport Harbor High School. As parents we were very involved in our children's education. We started the math club at Newport Elmentary after school. Newport Harbor High offered AP classes and Honor a Society. They graduated to attend USNA and Stanford University. Math and Science Classes are the answer to getting into great schools.
I ADORE going to Newport Harbor High school! The social atmosphere is accepting of everyone. There are minimal cliques and as a girl who used to be called "weird" and was bullied some in elementary school, I now have friends all around campus of every kind. One thing I recommend if you want to succeed here is be responsible and proactive in completing your homework on time and getting makeup work after being absent. Teachers, although most want you to succeed, will not hunt you down about getting your work done. I really hope you choose this great school where you will learn, grow, and have more required of you before college.
Our family has been at Harbor for 7 years and both my husband and myself have been very active in the school as part of the Foundation and with the various booster clubs of the sports our boys participated in. Our experience at Harbor has been outstanding and my oldest son has commented on how well Harbor prepared him for college.We found that both the administration and the teachers were accessible and definitely willing to help with issues as they came up (which fortunately were few and far between!!!) Is Harbor perfect? No. But I do think it is rather exceptional in that it has a large number of very committed and gifted teachers who are one of the reasons there are so many different clubs and activities for the students to participate in. I think the best way to insure a positive experience for both parents and students is to get involved and there are many, many opportunities for that at Harbor!
2013 review: i am going to be a senior this fall. social life is cliques. the more money you have, the better you fit in with the popular clique. sports is amazing. we have olympic teams visit school, and alumni go to olympics. they are so common i have had classes with them often. teachers create the most amazing bond with their students. open minded teachers, working their tails off. remodeled so school looks good, but bathrooms are still horrid. the school is mix of white kids and hispanics, and they do not integrate together AT ALL. so with that said, if you are chinese or middle eastern or eastern european, then you fit in neither category, and are a misfit. personally, i have had great academic success, but because it is a family tradition, not because the school is good at academics. the math departments sucks so much, i needed my dad, (engineer) to tutor me, or not i would have failed. I have straight a's with 7 APs total, so this school offers you the road to success, you just have to take it. the extracurriculars is so much that you would think thats all kids do. this is not a bad thing. this school has kids accepted to ivy leagues each year. but hard to make friends.
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