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Lankershim Elementary School

North Hollywood, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 389


Lankershim Elementary School
5250 Bakman Avenue
North Hollywood, CA 91601
(818) 769-3130
Lankershim Elementary School is located in North Hollywood, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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The office staff is very friendly, hard-working and as prompt as possible. The principal seems like she is really trying her best but may not have the best grasp on guiding teacher curriculum. Our experience with a 2nd grade teacher is the overall reason for the score. The class seemed very structured but when it came down to my child receiving grade-level learning unfortunately there was no challenge, no weekly or monthly parent communication, graded papers never came home or appropriate homework.
i've walked past this school every day for 6 years on my way to work. the last several days @~1PM, a particular teacher/staff member has apparently found it interesting to try to physically force me off the sidewalk. i walk on the far right side of sidewalk; this person sees me coming- from her position on the side of the schoolyard- and promptly begins to walk on the left side on same sidewalk--- until she physically crashes directly into me. upon collision, incredibly she has the nerve to screams accusations. not a good sign for anyone considering letting these people watch their children. today i walked by and noticed this person standing in the school yard. the moment she saw me, she began video capture on her smartphone. i can't endorse a school with violent, antisocial and deluded staff. truly pathological- and as an attorney, i'm considering my options vis a/b. to the school admin: control your staff or i'll enlist the local police to help you next time.various parents and teachers crowd the sidewalk, blocking the right of way. i walk on the right side of the sidewalk
Last year when principal MR.Razo was there,things were very unorganized ,they would always try to raise money for field trips,kids never really went to field trips.my son has only been to one field trip since he's been there.he's in 2nd grade now.Good thing we have a new principal, mr.clark. Mr. clark has been doing some improvements to the school and has made it funner for kids.in the morning he plays music as well as for lunch time.He's bought new school sports equipment,also made the city give us a 15 minute parking ,so when we pick up our child after school,we can now park on bakman.I wish the school had a higher rating !maybe with the help of this cool new principal ,things can change at this school.
I've met 3 "principals" since the school started. My child has had to change teachers because his teacher left the school. We got a weekends notice... Very unorganized drop off and pick up situations. The teachers dismissal is a joke. The teacher my son did have couldn't even recall the name of the program they were teaching science with that year when asked at back to school night. She had to have a parent read it off of the box of textbooks. Im taking my son out of this school immediately and if you care about your childs education you would too.
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