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Lakeland Elementary School

Norwalk, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 346


Lakeland Elementary School
11224 Bombardier Avenue
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 868-8887
Lakeland Elementary School is located in Norwalk, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Horrible, horrible, horrible!! My son started here mid-year. At his last school he loved his teachers, had a ton of friends, and embraced learning and going to school every day. At Lakeland, he has had a horrible experience (8 years old and he begs me to let him stay home). My son has always done well in school and had a ton of friends. Now he has told me that his teacher openly belittles him in front of his class and when kids pick on him no one does anything. His teacher basically suggested that I medicate him because "he can't sit still". He's 8 years old!! She is a horrible teacher and needs to retire already as she is clearly projecting her own personal short comings on her students. Our first week there she met me outside and told me my son had his recesses taken a way for the rest of the week because he didn't come back to class on time after recess that day. He started crying and she seriously bend down so she was in his face and told him (right in front of me) that tears don't work on her so he can stop already then rolled her eyes and walked away. Turns out they have separate recesses for each grade- my son just came from a small school that had combined recesses for all classes. Apparently, he went to the bathroom and when he came out he saw kids playing still so he didn't realize he was supposed to be back in class. Other than that horrible teacher they are completely unorganized. When we signed up for the school I was told that a uniform was mandatory- my son is the only child I have seen wear a uniform and we have been there almost three months now. When I questioned them about this I was told uniforms are something the principle is trying to enforce but they aren't actually mandatory. So basically one more thing to sets my son apart and isolate him from the rest of his class. The only saving grace is the front desk staff and the Stone Soup afterschool program. Other than that- avoid at all costs. I am counting the days until I am able to get him approved for district transfer.
Great Principal and Admin! Awesome programs provided to help families become better and closer. Highly recommended
My son started Lakeland Elementary in Sept. 2014. The entire staff was very welcoming and helpful. The principal is relatively new but I always see him walking the campus, talking to staff and parents and is very knowledgeable and positive. I really love the school and the staff so far have really wonderful.
in my opinion at this school are great teachers and the principal is a nice modest man!
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