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Paddison Elementary School

Norwalk, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 411


Paddison Elementary School
12100 Crewe Street
Norwalk, CA 90650
(562) 868-7741
Paddison Elementary School is located in Norwalk, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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I've been a Paddison parent for over 5 years. I've had 5 children there and have 2 more future panthers that I will happily send to Paddison. Teachers are wonderful. I've had kids in Mr. Espinoza, Mr. Enriquez, Mrs. Kreuitz, Mrs. Hodges, Mrs. Cardiel, Mrs. Sachdeva, Mrs. Rocha, Mrs. Chong, Mrs. Espinosa, Ms. Caciano and Mrs. Mercado. Pretty much all the teachers in the school. And I can honestly say they were ALL wonderful. Yeah my oldest daughter who is now 15 didn't really hit it off with Mrs. Velasco but she has never gotten along with female teachers. Either way Mrs. Velasco was always fair to her. Mrs. Gutierrez is a good principle. They decided to not have a PTA this year and personally I think it was a good idea. The teachers and parents are doing a great job raising money. I love this school and I'm proud my kids go here. All the staff is great. Christi, yesenia, Yvette, Isidro, Lisa, Jackie, Carla, they're ALL very loving caring people who take care of the kids with love and respect. This isn't just a school, we're like a big family.
Paddison is a wonderful school that has come a long way during the last 5 years. The principal really cares about the kids and the staff. The teachers are really great too. My son had Mrs. Velasco and she was excellent. I never saw her play favorites with any student. She was always available to all of us parents too, I think when a person has a bad experience it is easy to assume that these things happen to everyone. For me and many of the parents whose kids were in Mrs. Velascos room, we didn't see any favoritism. I think it was a misunderstanding. She is an awesome teacher.
Paddison is a great school. Perfect were it not for Mrs. Velasco, she is horrible. She plays favoritism with students of her choice. She picks kids she doesn't like and treats them indifferent. The principle is good, tends to favor Spanish speaking parents a little more than non Spanish speaking parents but is overall a good principle. All the teachers there are awesome. They're professional and caring. Other than Mrs. Velasco, the staff is friendly and nice. Even Yvette in the front office is awesome. Principle is always present around the campus and always returns your calls.
I am more than Thankful and I feel very honor to have my kids at Paddison Elementry School. At Paddison my kids go happy,they enjoy going and most of all they are learning.They feel safe,they like the fact that Mrs. Gutierrez cares for them and pushes them to their fullest on their academics,and behavior.Us as parents we dont expect her best cause she is always giving us more then that,to our kids, and us as parents.Teachers are so good at what they do.They care for our kids safety,and they teach them not only to be good but to be better. And to be resfectful and very ResponsableThe whole school personal are Great,Friendly and kind to everyone.The after school program is awesome, Our children are learning not only how to be a great learner in their academics,but also in Life as well. They are welcome every morning,By having them at PAdisson I am giving them the opportunity to be in a great school,where they really feel good about them selves.And where they go with good actitude because what they receive is what they learn to give back.One of my sons is also in the GATE program and my other son learn to do everything at his fullest potential. I just Love it! Great school! :)
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