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Oak Park High School

Oak Park, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1551


Oak Park High School
899 Kanan Road
Oak Park, CA 91377
(818) 735-3300
Oak Park High School is located in Oak Park, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 10 out of 10
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Great experience, no school is perfect but OPHS comes very close.
Oak Park High School has it challenges, but its strengths are those you'd prioritize first in the grand scheme of things. Students can choose to take a College Prep or AP/Honors path, and more importantly, either path leads to UC and State School preparedness. If the homework is difficult or the school challenges you, then it's because the teachers are pushing you to be prepared for college (and life; I can name no less than 5 teachers who positively changed my life in my time at OPHS). If you want to have a highly social high school experience then it's possible, but there may be other schools that better offer this dimension. As a parent, if de-risking your child's ability to get into college/university (or a great college/university) is a priority, then OPHS is the best option in the area. As a student that excels, you wont be held back and as a student that emphasizes academics less, you wont accidentally miss out on being college ready. Ultimately, the leadership and teachers care about the students -- they want to be there and they want students to succeed. This is what makes OPHS a great high school experience.
I would give it a subpar rating. If you want to be PREPARED for college, go here. If you want to be ACCEPTED into a good college, definitely DO NOT go here. Your GPA will suffer at this school compared to neighboring schools, and unlike what any admin will tell you, the colleges are unaware of Oak Park and do not care about the rigor of the school. You could add a whole point to your GPA if you choose to go to Agoura. Say goodbye to all super competitive schools unless you are willing to put in 5x the effort of your Agoura High School counterparts.
I haven’t connected to one teacher in my four years of attending. If you want to be constantly stressed about your grades and future, then this is the school for you. This is from personal experience, but I was under informed about MANY things here. For instance, they failed to tell me that I didn’t have enough grades to graduate. I had to have my diploma mailed to me. One teacher promised me that she wouldn’t fail me because I was going through some bad mental illness, and when I missed a week because I was sick (and she totally knew), she decided to fail me right out of the class and made my situation even worse. The popular rich kids are snobby and backstab you. The school teaches the kids nothing about respect. While there are the handful of amazing teachers, students, and opportunities in this school, realize that with that comes things like the horrible cliques, the blind eye to the students’ mental health, and the constant stress. Please research this school before you send your kid here!
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