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Glenview Elementary School

Oakland, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 465


Glenview Elementary School
4215 La Cresta Avenue
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 531-6677
Glenview Elementary School is located in Oakland, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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As a parent who has first-hand, hands-on experience with the principal, I can say that I have the utmost respect for her. She is forthcoming about the workings of the district and really works hard at complex budget and diversity issues. She has also been inspiring as she has led us through a cross-town move and difficult delays in the construction of our new school building. The best part is that she inspires the teachers and they are happy to work for her, as far as I can see.I agree with the teacher review that said there are unique challenges at Glenview because of its diversity, especially its economic diversity, but my kids have really come to have a different worldview than I can just teach at home. As the second-most diverse elementary school in Oakland, it really represents Oakland, and that's why we live here. Our cousins who live behind a gate in Pleasanton and go to a public school will never acquire the empathy tools and real-world coping skills that my children are getting in elementary school. I thought they went to a diverse preschool, but I now see just how limited that view was. A lot of schools have some token diversity, but Glenview is the real deal.All the teachers we've had have been great -- and caring. We had an incident in kindergarten that some might label as bullying, but it was dealt with in a satisfactory way to us with restorative justice, and we haven't heard of any incidents with that child since. Anything negative I can think of stem from the school district. OUSD needs to do better! Luckily we have principal who can stretch a dollar and a very involved PTA and parent community that cares about more than academics and supports enrichment like technology, music, PE, art, and more.
I am a staff member at Glenview and I want to be clear that it says something that I am giving such a positive review of my employer...think about it. How many people love where they work? Well I do. I love Glenview and I love my boss. Anyways, please keep in mind that reviews are written by people who usually have a particular negative experience. That means reviews don't reflect the entire school's experience but it does reflect the worst of the experiences. When comparing schools in OUSD, Glenview is a pretty good place to be. It is safe place and includes a sense of inclusiveness for folks who come from a spectrum of backgrounds. We are about 79 out of over 6k schools in most diverse in California. With that kind of diversity comes many many many complexities and challenges...but also beauty. I notice that some parents do not understand how the bureaucracy of a public school system works because through the grapevine I hear complaints that the principal isn't doing anything, or that no one is doing anything to make a situation better. I urge people to consider how complicated the US government is in terms of trying to pass a bill or get anything done...now on a smaller scale take these same frustrations and bam! you have a public school system that is underfunded and filled with red tape. As an educator in the system, Glenview is doing pretty darn well given the fact that we are swimming upstream in a system that isn't built to fully support our children or our staff. I think Principal Toller is outstanding. She is mission-driven and she works endless hours trying to figure out how to move around in a broken system so that the kids are cared for as best as they are able. We are always always always stuck between a rock and a hard place and I just wish I knew how to help parents know that we aren't against them or don't care. Most of us are more than capable of taking higher paying jobs elsewhere and while not every OUSD staff member cares the way we hope, a really high percentage of Glenview staff really really do this work because they actually want your kids to experience love. The problem is that this system wasn't built for love. Finally, the hardest part of Glenview is the spectrum of privilege. There are vastly different realities and I often see parents with privilege unable to understand just how much better their kids have it.
Strong leadership, good parent involvement, some great teachers.
This school has great parental support and is filled with good people. There are a handful of great teachers to whom I am very thankful. This school also has some teachers who are set in their ways. If that works for your particular child it is no problem, but if it doesn't, then there is not much you can do because there is not much support from the principle.
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