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Summit Elementary School

Ojai, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 43


Summit Elementary School
12525 Ojai/Santa Paula Road
Ojai, CA 93023
(805) 640-4391
Summit Elementary School is located in Ojai, CA and serves grades K-6.
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I graduated from summit in 2014. I've been to summit from pre-k until 6th experience at this school was very wonderful! Most of my entire family from generations have gone to summit! I just think summit is the best school ever (even though I never experienced any other elementary school). All of the teachers were very nice and helpful...I honestly didn't want to leave and I still want to go back...the lunches hey what do you summit is the coolest school and I appreciate the staff, parents, and students :) goodbye now... -Zola B.
This school is like none other. It's a small school but a very close community of students, parents, teachers and alumni. Summit has incredible student to teacher ratio, some kids will be working with an assistant while the other kids are working with the teacher. No where else can a teacher work with just 5-15 students. The teachers really know their students and care about each child individually. Summit has a strong PTO and support from the parents to ensure the children have what the need to learn and ensure optimal outcomes. The students from preschool to 6th play together, teach each other and look out for each other. No joke when I say everyone is like a big family. When looking for your future school don't forget to come and check it out, you'll fall in love with it like many people In the last 100 years. GO CONDORS!!!!
This school is great. Its got a full history with being open for 100 years right here in Ojai. I find that the teachers care what is going on with your child. the staff is very nice and helpful. the only drawback is that there isnt really a GATE program here running. Which for the kids that need the challenge would be over the top with all the other areas of greatness here. they host outdoor family fun nights which makes it nice to get to see people in a different light ,so to speak .they love taking things outdoors and getting the kids going, history events, projects, Halloween, talent shows, plays, spring hunts, . the school is just fun and when its fun kids like it and will learn faster and are more likely to want MORE. they also have a strong PTO group and host the Local 4H group meeting at the school. overall its very well rounded.
We moved to Ojai from the east coast this past summer. I researched schools online before choosing to send my son to Summit. It got a "10" rating from this site last time I checked, and it sure has lived up to its rating! (I'm not sure why it isn't rated right now.) My son is in first grade, having chosen to accelerate him past kindergarten, and he's thriving academically. His teacher is amazing! She modifies the work to challenge every child in the class, which is kindergarten/first grade. I don't know how she does it. The principal is amazing! I can't say enough great things about this school! In my opinion, it's every bit as good as the fancy private prep school he attended for preschool last year. Send your child to Summit! You won't be sorry!