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Palmdale High School

Palmdale, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2523


Palmdale High School
2137 East Avenue R
Palmdale, CA 93550
(661) 273-3181
Palmdale High School is located in Palmdale, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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Pacific Islander
Native American
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I would say, for being a low income school, students who were willing to learn, got a good experience. I graduated from Palmdale High, recieved twi Associates and just graduated from a four year University. These Students have a chance, they just have to be willing.
This school does not care about their students. A student close to me (a freshman) reported that she was being bullied and threatened with physical bodily harm, and all the officials told her was that, if she did get jumped and she decided to defend herself, both parties would be suspended. THEY DIDN'T OFFER ANY ASSISTANCE WITH THE BULLYING. They didn't even confront the other girl she said was bullying her. They basically told her "don't fight back when she does jump you, or bye bye to your college apps." DO NOT let your child attend this school. Education is mediocre at best, and, if your child happens to be a target for bullies, the school will do nothing to protect them. This is a potentially dangerous and volatile place for kids at an extremely vulnerable and impressionable age.
I have 2 sons that went to this school mainly for football. Every thing the children want to participate in cost hundreds of dollars. They had teachers that didn't seem to want to help the children learn. The football coach Williams talked really bad about the boys on the team to scouts that wanted info to help get kids to college. When the coaches found out I was going to transfer my sons out for a better education and football coach the coaches kept harassing my children. The school just sent their new school a bill saying that I owe them 1700$ for equipment that my son turned in. They put that my son had 21 absence in a few of his classes but he still managed to get an A in that class. This school tried to screw up my children's life in more then 1 way but God does not like ugly I will just say that.
Hidden gem. I sub for all the schools in the district and this one is EXCELLENT! My favorite one to go to. The kids are respectful, willing to try, and willing to try. Yeah, Quartz Hill has excellent students, but this one has excellent ones who have less resources--yet they make it work. If you are a parent, I assure you that your child will have a good experience. I am astounded of how bad the perception of this school is. People ASSUME its "bad" when its actually excellent!
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