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Quail Valley Elementary School

Palmdale, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 598


Quail Valley Elementary School
37236 58th Street East
Palmdale, CA 93552
(661) 533-7100
Quail Valley Elementary School is located in Palmdale, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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This school is terrible....Beware of this school. Untrained staff and principal talk to much and think she know everything.
My children have been attending this school for over 5 years. We have encountered both poor and excellent teachers. Some of my Favs include Mrs. Rodriquez, Mrs Blunt, and Mrs. Cordova. They were all excellent teachers who really cared about their students well being. Don't really see the principle as much as we see the Assistant Principle, Mrs Martin who is great. She seems to be actively involved with students and parents with the goal of helping each student achieve high educational goals. Overall office staff seems nice. I do feel the school lacks extracurricular activities (Art, music etc...) , a strong Parent support (PTA), Assemblies, field trips and Fun (Some of the rules seem overly strict). I feel classroom sizes should be smaller however I do feel a lot of the teacher do a great job with classroom management.
My daughter has had excellent teachers that cared enough about her to understand her learning style and to make time to talk to me about what will help propel her to the next level the sad part is when they make recommendations for the right class for her to go into with teachers who have similar care and expertise the principal makes decisions based on numbers, and not by the quality of the education, and support that the child needs. I am a parent with a demanding career but i participate in school events, volunteer where possible, and stay in communication with teachers. My child is a good student, and now that we moved closer, actually across the street next to where the crossing guard crosses the kids, the principal will not sign a permit for her to stay. She says she may not have room and my child can temporarily go to her new homeschool until they determine space availability. Well that makes no sense because my child had a space, was assigned a teacher and only when I updated my address did they drop her anf send her to the other school's database...that other school's principal immediately released her so her old school Quail Valley could pick her up all in the same day. The Quail Valley principal could havr easily put her back in her spot the same day...it was a wash or even ecchange. Funny thing is, i prefer my child to go to a better school, but only stayed here because she an established history at QV, been there for 4 years. She had great teachers at QV, so I bought a house right across the street so she can stay there only to find out she is out of district and the principal does not care enough to put the best interest of the child over the numbers game. Honestly, if she understood the numbers game, she would see dropping my child as a home student and receiving her on a permit keeps her in the space she was already in. Oh, and this school needs after school and before school care.
This school is working hard to educated our children. It's ashame that a few parents who obviously don't spend time at the school can ruin it for everyone. The current principal is amazing and the teachers do so many things on their own time to make sure that the students are getting the support that the need. Our kids are lucky to go to this school!
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