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Golden Elementary School

Placentia, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 833


Golden Elementary School
740 East Golden Avenue
Placentia, CA 92870
(714) 986-7160
Golden Elementary School is located in Placentia, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Our experience at Golden has been average. There are some high points at being at a very large GATE elementary (900+) and there are disadvantages as well. Principal: Meh. The opening day meeting of the Principal was a waste of time. Nothing was presented except her and the VP to talk about their personal lives only and the SHINE program which is their reward program. No stats, no info, nothing of importance. Not very helpful, not a leader, most teachers don't go to her as she micromanages and doesn't really care about you unless you make an issue or you visit her constantly.Teacher Quality: We came for the GATE and our 5th grade teacher was painful but 6th is much better. The teachers are more seasoned, the students rotate among 3 teachers and know their academics. There are 3 GATE classes and 3 "regular" so there is a large number of students. My older child went to a different magnet and had a much better GATE experience consistently 4-6th.PTA: Very clique with most of the board from the non-GATE and then they wonder why GATE parents don't participate. The biggest fundraiser is Jogathon where they raise 60-80K a year and yet the upper grades have to share chrome books. And the events, activities are headed unfortunately by some aggressive moms who want events done their way because they've been there such and such length of time....so it's the same students over and over "who shine" because they are afraid to let others try it out to grow the students vs. allow their reputation to suffer. Then they wonder why they don't get volunteers to help...The field trips are few and none that are GATE because the Principal has to mediate between a GATE community that funds it and a PTA board that is non GATE.
One teacher with 35 students does not reflect your student to teacher ratio listed. The one teacher was quick to take away free time and punish any missing work with losing recess, even if a student did not understand the SINGLE missed question. It was a lesson that it was better to guess than to ask for more information on homework. Studies show missing free time/ recess is bad for mental and physical health, and takes away opportunities for social learning. The teacher has since retired, but the atmosphere at the school is rigid. Bullying was overlooked or dismissed if the teacher liked the bully or didn't like the victim. This was a very unhealthy experience. There were several parents and students who told me the particular teacher was mean and didn't like boys.
After three years @ Wagner Elementary our kid moved to this school for her GATE program 4th grade. Wow, what a difference in schooling within the same school district. Teachers here really care to impart knowledge on the kids. Drama and Theater programs are also really good here. Overall we are satisfied with the decision to move our kid over here.
Golden is an exceptional school. Both of my kids are enrolled at Golden. For both my kids---I am blessed with wonderful teachers. My daughter is going to be in GATE program and I can't wait to find out what is instore for her and all the different stuff she is going to explore...... Overall Golden is an awesome school.