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Kennedy High School

Richmond, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 851


Kennedy High School
4300 Cutting Boulevard
Richmond, CA 94804
(510) 231-1433
Kennedy High School is located in Richmond, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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Native American
Two or more races
Pacific Islander

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John F. Kennedy High school is a great school for any student! It has extracurricular activities that will give a boost to your child's creative side, and the students will actually like it, because it's fun! Although it isn't the greatest school in the universes, it has a lot to offer. From free tutoring programs, to a study program so that those reporte cards will be great grades... Great just like our school, so hey folks, JFK is the right school for you. -Wanda Gonzalez 9th grader at JFK High
My school is a school that is underrated, its a good school and offers a lot of opportunities to those who want to take advantage of them. I like that its fitting to me as a student, even tho there are many students that are not looking to improve themselves on a scholar way, there are many that do want to become better and have a bright future and to those there are opportunities given to them which they could take to improve themselves. I think my school should improve by getting more learning supplies that other schools have, the students at Kennedy are sometimes disappointed by the mere fact that the materials we have are old and not up to date. for example we don't have wifi that is available for our teachers to use to improve our learning experience. I think it would be a great improvement if we had an update on the things we use daily for learning.
Its been interesting reading these comments regarding Kennedy; particularly of interest was a students comments about what a great school Kennedy is; I wish he realized that his comments can't be taken seriously when uses words like "cuz" , "dat", etc. That type of grammar negates your positive comments about the quality of the school, teachers, etc. I'm an alumni of Kennedy -- class of 1973; currently living in Atlanta; I'm glad to see this site exists and allows "old dudes" like me the opportunity to keep abreast of what's happening with the school now. I sincerely hope today's JFK students have an idea of the wonderful legacy that Kennedy has; once upon a time it was one of the most racially diversed / balanced school in the schoold district; it was equally known for its academic achievements as much as for its athletic prowess (football, basketball, track & field, and swimming). David Dansky's forensics teams were among the elite debaters year in and year out. Graduates went on to schools like Cal, Stanford, UC Davis, and of course many of the Cal-State schools.
John F Kennedy High school is a dreadfully awful school. Sending your child to this high school is just giving them a ticket to a life of crime and community college. I can promise you a large percent of the students there will end up in a mcdonalds. I guess when you make friends at JFK you'll never lose those friends cause you know they'll be right next to you working in the back of a burger king.
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