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Rio Vista High School

Rio Vista, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 413


Rio Vista High School
410 South Fourth Street
Rio Vista, CA 94571
(707) 374-6336
Rio Vista High School is located in Rio Vista, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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I worked at RVHS as a long-term sub for one semester. I am also a parent (my child attends high school in the district out where we live) I would move her to RVHS in a minute if I could! I have worked in education for many years all over the state, and I have to report that RVHS is by far the best school I have worked in. My reasons include: Respectful & motivated students (way to go parents!) Teachers & administrators who care about student success (strict, but caring and fair) A college-going culture (thanks to the long-time counselor!) Small class sizes Many opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities Teacher participation and responsiveness to SST, IEP and parent conferencing. The community is supportive and there is a great school spirit for sports. The school's strengths include rigorous academic courses (including a nice selection of AP and honors courses) programs in agriculture, journalism and radio ( the school has it's own radio station) fine arts, renewable energy, culinary arts, Spanish language and wood shop. Plus, kids can take drivers ed! Weaknesses are: no other foreign languages, no automotive, no advanced computer classes and no music program.
Rio Vista High is a good school. However, the principle and vice principle allow no room for us students to have fun. Any time we try to get some school spirit going the vice principle comes out with a rule that will ban our ideas. It's the administrations way or the highway. Yes I know that its their responsibility to make the decisions, but without us, the students, there wouldn't be a RVHS. On the other hand, the school is small. I am a senior and have loved the school, regardless of the overly strict atmosphere, since I was a freshman. Being in a small school makes everyone know each other. We're all friends and are pretty close. Most of the teachers are HIGHLY qualified to teach the subjects and care about our education. I am glad I had the opportunity to attend RVHS. If the administration wasn't so strict, I would give it five stars. Everyone who thinks this is a bad school havent been to a school in Compton or some underfunded ghetto school like that.
As an alumni of RVHS it's hard to give the school a bad rating but it has got so bad that I plan on moving so my kids won't have to deal with all the problems. If you live in Rio Vista and work out of town your a FOOL for sending your kid (kids) to any school in this district. Many teachers in the district are old, bitter and just waiting to retire(some actually hate kids, I know I live next to one). Very few teachers are here for the kids. Its really quite sad.