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Bradford Woodbridge Fundamental Elementary School

Roseville, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 303


Bradford Woodbridge Fundamental Elementary School
515 Niles Avenue
Roseville, CA 95678
(916) 771-1850
Bradford Woodbridge Fundamental Elementary School is located in Roseville, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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I have a 5-year old super active little child. Teacher can't handle her so he reports to the principal. Principal called me to come get my child because they can't control her. They adviced me to take my kid somewhere else. All the things that the principal told me were very upsetting. The main reason why I want my child in school so that she can learn things, she can learn good behavior, I thought teachers know how to handle kids that's why teacher go to school for their masters, bachelors in science degree etc before getting a job as a teacher. Instead helping my child, they do not have patience and they found an easy way out by calling me and tell me to take my child somewhere else. My child is in transitional kindergarten and she was only 1 week in the classroom and they already gave up on her. They are the ones who know better, they should know how to discipline kids, that is why teachers study psychology in college. But anyway... God must have a good reason for this. Like I always tell my self, I put my whole trust to the Lord almighty and not lean on my own understanding.
My son used to love going to school when Mr. Phillips used to be the principal. Once Mrs Hazen took over as the principal, there has been nothing but problems. My Son has been going to this school since Pre K and is now in 1st grade. He was and still is getting bullied at school and has started hating going to school. I did address the issue with the Teacher and while it did seem to help a bit (kids will still be kids and he is still struggling a bit with the bullies in his school. When addressing the issue with the principal she stated that it is my fault he is unhappy and that there must be something going on at home as he started lashing out because nothing was changing and every time he would tell a teacher, the teacher would tell him to sort it out himself so being a 6 year old he doesn't fully understand to handle the issues. But when addressing this with the Mrs.Hazen she said it was my fault and threatened to call CPS on me instead of addressing the issues at the school. I have never in my life been so offended. It is now to the point that I don't trust anything that the school says or does and am hoping to get him transferred out ASAP. I have even had to put my son in counseling to help him deal with all these issues at school.
Great school! My son attends Woodbridge. The teachers really make sure that every child gets the help they need. My son was reading by the end of kindergarten.
I think this school is amazing. I've had all three of my daughters attend this school. We first moved our oldest two into this school from a private school due to them not receiving a quality education while they were in kindergarten. They went into Woodbridge not being able to read a single thing and within just two months they were not only reading but they were both reading at the top of their class. They went from hating school to being thrilled about it. Now we have all of them in the same school and the oldest two will be entering 3rd grade this fall and my youngest will be in 1st grade. They have always enjoyed their teachers and have great friends. The principal is great and easy to talk to no matter what is going on. He will help you to make sure your children are the best they can be. I also love the fact that if you find a teacher you would like the next year for your child you can tell their teacher and they will make sure your child receives that teacher. I am actually sad this is the last year my oldest two will be attending Woodbridge because the school is that amazing. I have volunteered every year as a room mom for their teachers. Thanks.
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