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John F. Kennedy High School

Sacramento, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2184


John F. Kennedy High School
6715 Gloria Drive
Sacramento, CA 95831
(916) 395-5090
John F. Kennedy High School is located in Sacramento, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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I have a sophomore in the PACE program, which we had heard is comparable to McClatchy's HISP program. After having a son start this school year as a freshman in HISP, I am sorely disappointed in the PACE program. Molecular biology at Kennedy is taught--if you can call it that--by a woman who should have retired years ago. Her class has no rhyme or reason, and my child never knew what to study for. Geometry has an equally inept teacher who asks for food, tissues and printer paper for extra credit...really?! Oh, and kids who brought valentines in for each other received extra credit as well. It is so maddening but we feel obligated to participate to keep our child competitive. My child at Kennedy got into HISP as well, and we thought PACE was the better program and now seeing the HISP program in action, we are extremely regretful but feel our child should ride it out. On a positive note, we love the principal at Kennedy, he is always responsive and in touch with the community--we haven't heard a thing from the administration at McClatchy unless the school is on lockdown--which has happened twice already. Oh, if only the best of both schools could be combined....
I'm a parent of two kids who have been in the JFK High School PACE program. I have been underwhelmed with the English, Science, and counseling at this school, but the social science classes have been good, and the music and Japanese classes have been great. Not the friendliest campus, but if your kids can find their niche (like marching band), then they'll be fine.
I would probably not recommend this highschool based on the fact that you're literally in prison. By saying that, I mean you literally have no freedom what so ever, instructors are really bad and kids behave inappropriately. This is coming from my own experience, coming from a small middle school and being denied into PACE for no explainable reason. I had the thought of trying to change my life and get a long with better than average people through the PACE program. What I soon discovered as a freshmen I got in trouble in class for things I didn't do. I can sit there, kids throw food at each other, it lands near someone desk, soon it piles up, and the person close the the desk(me) get in trouble. You have no say in the situation. I've also had too many teachers that will teach a little, if the class get's loud they stop teaching because hey, it's every students fault if your class is loud. Not to mention some teachers are so bad, they can't be fired because they've worked there for over 10 years. I have more stories, i just have a character limit I'm on right now. The principal is great, he understands some teachers have problems. He will help you, if you approach him personally.
My son graduated in 2012. He was in the PACE program, which did a good job of helping him stay on track for college. He's currently attending a high ranking university on the east coast. Kennedy is an urban school, drawing its diverse student body from a wide variety socioeconomic and racial backgrounds. You have a few students headed for Princeton and a few students headed for prison, with most of them headed somewhere in between. This was a great environment for a taste of "real world" diversity. I would recommend the PACE program. With budget cuts, however, it's incumbent upon parents to fund-raise. So if you aren't willing to chip in to make sure that your students get the resources they need, then twice about coming here.
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