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Samuel Jackman Middle School

Sacramento, CA
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  • Grades 7-8
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  • Enrollment: 1010


Samuel Jackman Middle School
7925 Kentwal Drive
Sacramento, CA 95823
(916) 393-2352
Samuel Jackman Middle School is located in Sacramento, CA and serves grades 7-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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I would not recommend this school. I was a student here and i can honestly say, that was the worst time of my life. There are many physical fights during breaks and even during class on occasion, if your teacher does not have a good impression of you they'll often times just automatically treat you as a problematic child and not take you seriously, if your a quite child and don't purposely try to behave ghetto and dumb to be "cool" then others will treat you as a push over and gang up on you outside of school (i have experience of this) and many of the students will take part of inappropriate actions right in front of the school when they think the teachers don't "notice". This was just the WORST experience I've ever had, i had to get counseling from the bullying and i was very glad to leave.
Samuel Jackman Middle School is a wonderful school! I refuse to go to any other school in the district regardless or the rankings or test scores. From the beginning of the school year up until now, students have improved on school work, behavior, and their willingness to attend class on time. The principal is trying his absolute best to keep each and every student in line. A lot of parents complain about how much home work their child has and how much trouble they have in math. They always feel the need to blame it on the teachers. Well, most of the time, the teacher has nothing to do with that. Just make sure your child is keeping up with their school work, asking questions in class, coming to the teacher for help and completing their homework as soon as they get home from school and stop letting them hop right on their x-box after school because of some lousy excuse they made complaining about how long their day was at school. Every student should use their time wisely and do something productive with it such as reading a book or even studying to get ahead of the game. I believe every Jackman student. All students have the potential to do OUTSTANDING and not give up!
Jackman is a good middle school. Not the best, but there is no such thing as the "perfect school". The principal does try his best to improve the school but most of all, have the students in a learning envoirnment where they are both learning and enjoying it. If the school is going through problems such as bullying, it is the students' fault not the schools. but the school's job to control it. The main goal at Jackman is Success and they will achieve it.
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