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Canyon View Elementary School

San Diego, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 501


Canyon View Elementary School
9225 Adolphia Street
San Diego, CA 92129
(858) 484-0981
Canyon View Elementary School is located in San Diego, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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I am terribly disappointed with this school and how they have handled a bullying situation. I was completely dismissed and none of my issues were addressed directly even after my child was harassed at school by several children. Do not expect Canyon View to actually stand by their 'character' statement. They honor none it it and clearly do not care for your children. I am extremely disheartened.
Our oldest has been here for a few years now. His first year was a rough start- my feeling is that he was not given a chance and was pigeon-holed as a troublemaker right out of the gate, and ended up in the school office multiple times for behavior that is quite typically characteristic of an energetic 5 year old. It was only once his teacher understood how bright he was that they started to understand how to deal with him (by giving him more challenging work/activities) and that helped. It has been a little bit better but I think the teachers have a hard time with kids who are advanced (academically) for their age. I think the music, art, science, and PE programs are great. I do feel like the school has a ton of stay at home parents who can be on campus and volunteer, so if you aren't one of those fortunate families with one parent able to stay at home, you won't know what's going on at school and are left out a little bit. If you don't care about making friends with other parents, then it's not a huge deal. Also, one year they had the rudest traffic control person who regularly yelled cringeworthy phrases at innocent parents in the parking lot, but thankfully he found a different job the following year so isn't as much of a presence on campus anymore. Personally I think the school was desperate and didn't vet or train him in how to properly communicate with others, can you imagine what would happen if a teacher yelled inappropriate language at you from across the parking lot? There is a new principal this year, so we will see how that goes. Last year's principal was pretty great, but too bad she left. Overall I would rate this an average school for PUSD. I'll be more impressed if they can figure out what to do with my kid who is reading at 2 levels above his grade level!
My child went there for one year few years ago. Academically, it was a waste of time. My child didn't learn much during that year. We talked to teachers and administrators about our child's previous school which was excellent but they ignored our input. In addition, our child was bullied and the teacher did nothing to prevent it.
My son has done exceptionally well at Canyon View. He has loved his teachers and the staff, and often stuns me with what he's learned. I'm confident he will be ready for middle school, high school, and beyond because of the foundation built by his elementary education. CV also has programs for kids below grade level. Parent funding provides reading IMPACT, science, music and art--subjects no longer taught in public schools. There is also a psychologist on campus once a week. Parents and teachers work together to create well-rounded kids. Bullying is not tolerated by anyone, and is taken very seriously. My son is learning more than reading, writing, and math--he's learning to be a concerned citizen and a contributor to his community, as well as a good person and good friend. I couldn't ask for more from my son's education.
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