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Cherokee Point Elementary School

San Diego, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 378


Cherokee Point Elementary School
3735 38th Street
San Diego, CA 92105
(619) 641-3400
Cherokee Point Elementary School is located in San Diego, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Pacific Islander
Native American
Two or more races

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The principal of this school has only one primary focus, and that is to create an environment for disruptive students to be successful, rather than helping them be successful in the real world. He considers students that have significant hardships as victims, and coddles them. He is not doing them any favors by change the world for these students. The students need to change, because the world doesn't change for them They have to adapt to life. My child's teacher doesn't feel supported since students who are sent to the principal's office are not disciplined, but just talked to, and then sent right back to class.
Cherokee Point Elementary has exemplary leadership with Principal Godwin Higa, caring and compassionate teachers and staff, devoted parent leaders with their PTA and TICS: Trauma Informed Community Schools, and exemplary youth leaders. Cherokee Point embodies and represents a trauma informed school which wraps around the "whole child" and fully supports the Vision 2020 of the SDUSD, 12 Indicators of Success of a Quality School, and LCFF: Local Control Funding Formula. The warm, welcoming,safe school environment from their Principal, staff, educators and parents vested in a quality education for the children is the epitome of 21st Century education. Their passionate devotion and dedicated resolve to support the children with individualized learning within pluralization embodies the well-being holistically of every child's success to support their educational and whole child journey on becoming a thriving, inspired, engaged child destined to great success. Dana Brown Project Director, TICS: Trauma Informed Community Schools on behalf of our team
Cherokee Point Elementary is a good school because the teachers help you learn new things like reading, writing, math and how to do tests. Zianya, 2nd grade. I love my kindergarten classroom with all my friends, my teacher Ms. Duran and student teacher Ms. Rachel. I like learning to read in English and Spanish. Kinan, Kindergarten. My kids enjoy going to school every day, they always are very excited about the activities that take place at Cherokee Point. In the morning the doors open at 7:15am to have the kids walk/jog at the track where they receive tickets. After accumulating about 10 miles worth of tickets they start to receive incentives and this has helped my kids with looking forward to not just going to school but to arriving early. My kids stay in shape and it helps them built-up an appetite for their breakfast inside the classroom at 7:45am. On the 3rd Wednesday of each month they offer coffee and bread for parents at the Principal's Chat and Dinner for the family at the monthly Wellness & Restorative Practice Partnership meetings for parents. Cherokee Point is a mini parent college with free computer classes, zumba, safety, and parenting education.
Cherokee Point it's a great school!!! I have been there for 2 years This school has workshops series trought the year for parents to Help our kids with homework, communication, bullying, leadership, etc... We have very active teachers, the office staff just fantastic!!!! My daughter's second grade teacher is excellent, he actively promote every day reading, and always focus on kids succes.
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