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Lewis Middle School

San Diego, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1061


Lewis Middle School
5170 Greenbrier Avenue
San Diego, CA 92120
(619) 583-3233
Lewis Middle School is located in San Diego, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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We're very happy with Lewis Middle School and the staff. I don't think any school is going to be perfect, and it's going to be a different experience for each child/family. But for my son, his experience has been very positive.
Lewis teachers give the students homework so that they can learn at home. Not to implement what they learned in class. The teachers at Lewis expect the parents to teach their own child. The teachers do not teach, they 'tell' then move on to another subject area the following week. If the students don't learn at home then too bad so sad...they have moved on and are leaving your student behind. 4 of 7 teachers my child had, publicly shame students. They (Ms. Provins) 'tell' students how to do a math problem then if they ask a question or don't understand she'll say in a very loud unapologetic voice 'We already went over that, you should know it'. At one point she threw another child's backpack across the class and broke stuff inside it. Nothing was done by the parent or the administration. The poor child was not my own, yet, my child watched the event in horror. Other teachers are skating through the day, not checking for understanding, not being clear about their expectations and then expect the students to read their minds. The principle supports the teachers whole-heartedly, even when they are not doing anything that is stated in the 504. Ms. Oshiro was the best. She cared, she tried, she wants the students to learn. P.E is a joke; they literally throw the ball out and only grade on attendance. It's no wonder kids don't want to exercise. The teachers don't care or have no clue how to use what they learned on college and should be held accountable for the lackadaisical P.E. programs they have at Lewis. My child received a C in one class and D's and F's in the rest. At the new school, they are teaching my child, my child is learning in school. He has all A's and one B. There is homework, but it's for practicing what they learned in class. As opposed to home work being a way for them to figure out what they were 'told' in class like they had to do at Lewis. I wish any child attending Lewis good luck, it's a sad excuse for a school. As a parent you have a responsibility to put your child in a school that teaches children and cares about whether they learn. It's very difficult to find a good school in San Diego. I feel like my child was very lucky to have been chosen to attend the charter school they now attend.
The staff, especially Ms. Stadler are exceptionally understanding and kind to our family. We have struggled and the office staff helped ease our minds and welcomed us late in the year with open arms
Great school with passionate teachers and staff.
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