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Morse High School

San Diego, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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Morse High School
6905 Skyline Drive
San Diego, CA 92114
(619) 262-0763
Morse High School is located in San Diego, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Filled with teachers who are burnt out. If your child middles or has a learning disability, forget about it. I was told that there really is no help until children are failing more than half their classes. I feel like their is vast implicit bias against Black children. The teachers and staff have no follow through. When my son was struggling to integrate as a new student from a high achieving school out of state I begged for help. Little to no help. He requested to be dropped from an AP class after a few days. He was placed in the class a week after the start of semester and removed from his initial class. He had AP in the same subject previously with success. He missed the summer assignment which he was not aware of and realized the work commitment and teaching style was not compatible for him. The school would not let him drop and it took weeks to get an appointment to discuss. At first we were told resources were to be provided to assist. The teacher was more interested in being "right" and proving my son as a bad seed and continuously had tone in the subsequent meeting once the resources discussed in first meeting were never provided. About halfway through the class when my son had like a 18% F in the class I was told there was no way he could pass. He was still not allowed to drop and was told it affects their funding so students are never allowed to drop honors/ AP courses. So he was forced to take an F with a compromise that he can study for other classes quietly while in her class for last couple of weeks. I'm used to teachers from his previous high school communicating regularly... hey student XYZ had a great discussion today or student XYZ turned in an excellent paper or student XYZ is really struggling to get these topics can I suggest tutoring or extra help with me after school or these online resources etc. Or I am really enjoying having student XYZ in class or I am really having a hard time connecting with student XYZ what can I do. Etc. Not one teacher has done anything close. They want "good citizens" but they aren't inspiring our kids. I am doing what I can but I'm not an educator. It's hard to inspire your kid to learn when he knows his teachers hate his guts. He's bright. One teacher actually inspires him to do great and he does for her because she cares. Also, daily he is marked absent from a teacher who don't like him if he is tardy.
As an incoming senior, i can say that in my experience my years at Morse have been very satisfactory. Despite any bad media attention or rumors, don't let the bad apples discourage you. I have easy surrounded myself with just some of the abundant amounts of intellectual, hardworking, and essentially stand out students and people in general. The staff is also for the most part, understanding and helpful. However, I know that they are certain teachers that do not perform to the standards that I, and the school upholds, so be wary of those few teachers. But for the most part, a good highschool.
Let me start off by saying as an Involved Parent with a very Involved Student who plays Volleyball & Softball the school is not bad. Being a parent of a student athlete has it's advantages, the student not only has a certain GPA to maintain but they also have required Study Hall to attend prior to practice, Study Hall is just another word for Mandatory Homework Time. Which I simply LOVE. Prior to my daughter starting HS she was a GATE/Seminar Student, but once she started HS & took on a full load of sports decided that she would start her Freshman year w/ regular classes vs. Honors, which she has done well with, not too mention starting HS as a Varsity Softball Player is a very demanding schedule. So in my observation if you are an Involved Parent who advocates for your child and doesn't expect the school to do your job as a parent, then Morse is a decent school... But if you expect that your child is going to act as an adult & the faculty & staff is going to play the role of a parent then I'd highly suggest you'd look elsewhere because you'd simply be setting your child up for failure.
This school sucks on so many levels! I'm a Junior attending Morse at the moment and let me just say that this school is full of careless and helpless teachers! The counselors are never there at school! The only person there that seems to care is the principle, which is a good thing. However, it's still not good enough! Although, I went to Ofarrel for 9TH grade, that community school helped me a lot more than Morse. Ever since I came to Morse my grades have never been this horrible! And trust me I've bad before, but my grades were never this BAD! I strongly don't reccomend this school. I'm trying to talk to my parents about taking me to some other high school. Hopefully, I'll get over the trouble.
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