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O'connell (John) High School

San Francisco, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 480


O'connell (John) High School
2355 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 695-5370
O'connell (John) High School is located in San Francisco, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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My younger child transferred into O'Connell this year. Our experience to date has been dismaying. The level of chaos is incredible - I've spent entire days just trying to figure out whom I should contact with specific questions; when I finally find the right person their responsiveness runs at about 50%. A month into the school year the school still hasn't input my child's transfer transcripts into their computers, which has meant they cannot tell us what classes s/he will need to graduate. The daily report we get from our child is that the classrooms are so noisy and chaotic that learning is almost impossible - unless it is possible to do so without ever having to hear the teacher. Our child reports that his/her teachers are unable to maintain order and are unwilling to send disruptive students to the principal's office. Our child has also been subjected to daily name calling, homophobic comments, and bullying, both in and out of the classroom. One teacher said something once; otherwise, the teachers have done nothing to curtail this behavior.I've also been distressed by the homework assignments. Our older child, who graduated from high school two years ago, had high school homework assignments that demanded careful thought, analysis, and synthesis. Assignments included semester-long major research assignments and frequent essays of 2-5 pages. Homework assignments for our O'Connell junior ask for single paragraphs! As one who has taught at the university level for many years I question how a student is supposed to be "college ready" with these sorts of assignments, although I guess I now understand why my university students have found the idea of 10 page papers overwhelming. Simply put, I believe that students will rise to expectations, and I am concerned that not enough is being asked of O'Connell's students. All of this is especially disappointing given that the school is relatively small, it has an exciting pedagogical approach, and the administration seems committed to positive change. I had been excited about being part of this school community, but now our family simply wants to get out as soon as possible so that our child doesn't lose anymore learning time.
Everyone is involved, and you can see the teachers at work trying to improve everything. The staff makes sure the students are safe. They provide good opportunities for college.
John O'Connell is in the Hart of the Mission district. The Staff is amazing and dedicated to the students. This school is a small community within itself and has family enviornment. Students have many supports and if taken advantage of they can go far. Out of class 150 in 2009, there 70 students apply to a 4 year university. JOCHS, is truely making some postive changes.
I am very impressed with the administration, teachers, and staff at John O'Connell High School. They are truly committed to ensuring that all students go to college. This school has a very strong AVID program. The teachers are committed and provide students with incredible support and motivation to take them from where they are at to reach their best potential. This is a small school that offers incredible opportunities and programs for students. There are a variety of interesting after-school programs and qualified staff that work closely with students. Their commitment to excellence, building their community, and supporting students in a challenging environment is commendable. The school Principal is receptive and active, he is a strong leader with a vision. There is a core of parents that are involved and are the security at the school has a good relationship with students, they are always looking out for the safety of students. Love this school!