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Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary School

San Francisco, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 646


Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary School
423 Burrows Street
San Francisco, CA 94134
(415) 330-1530
Taylor (Edward R.) Elementary School is located in San Francisco, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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No privacy towards individual student's development. One particular teacher I have encountered in the past seems to have no filter in her mouth. If the child is having trouble in class; whether it be academically or behavioral, please take the parent in a private meeting. Instead of discussing it in front of other parents, Especially those who LOVE "to gossip". Another teacher my child had was firm. That's great to get some order in the class, but if my child wishes to wear her sweater on a warm day so be it. Who is she to tell her in front of the whole class to take it off because it's a hot day and she should already know that instead of the teacher pointing it out? I wish my daughter had told me this when it happened. Also as previous comments the higher the grade level these children get into the less communication there is from the teachers. When it comes down to parent teacher conferences is the only time I found out my child needed help in certain areas. Let me know ahead of time so that I can help them, instead of the, "they are fine" line when I ask. Overall, this school could be better with teacher communication adjustments, privacy, and showing children to respect one another. Well that also has to come from teachers towards the students. The principal was new this year, so don't know much about her since she was pretty distant.
This school has not been the same since the former principal retired a few years ago. Things aren't very organized and parents always hear things last minute. I have 2 children who graduated from there, and one at the school now, and I can see the difference. Luckily my daughter will be graduating. The Special Ed teachers do not seem to be servicing the students as needed. They like to send an another adult aide to help with my child. This new principal Dr. Barbara Berman has absolutely no connection to students, teachers nor parents. She is very stand offish and doesn't seem to know much about students learning and academics. I am so happy my daughter is graduating this year. Please bring back Mrs. Dold!!!!!
I loved this school! I graduated in 2011 and Ms.Dold was a great principal. Everyone there supported me and although our school did not have much of a budget, the teachers and principals somehow made it work. It was the best 6 years I could ask for.
I went to this school,and it was the awesomest place ever!.All of my greatest childhood memories are there.Everytime i come back to pick up my little sister from school,I can always remember where I came from.I loved when i was there.:)
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