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Ulloa Elementary School

San Francisco, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 528


Ulloa Elementary School
2650 42nd Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94116
(415) 759-2841
Ulloa Elementary School is located in San Francisco, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Pacific Islander
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My children; twins, attended Kinder & First Grade at Ulloa School & it was an amazing experience! Mrs. Fong ran a tight ship! After First Grade, we moved to Roseville & now my twins are in Fifth Grade. For sure, Ulloa is an awesome school with a proven leader, Mrs. Carol Fong.
Ulloa is a great overall school. The teachers and staff are amazing, who care a lot about our children. I've read about the negative comments of Principal Fong. Being an administrator, especially a Principal is a tough job that many would NOT take. Fong knows every child and works hard to get everything we need for our school. The reality is that you can't please everyone. But bottom line, the kids are happy and does well academically. Isn't that why we send out kids to school??
Carol Fong is not a good leader. She is the worst in the earth. She only think about herself and make Ulloa school as her battle. Everyday she wants to find a little bone in an egg. She makes the school into a bad environment. Every time I see her staffs go somewhere when they see her, they seem to see a ghost in front of them. I don't think she has a real friend in the school. I just wonder why she can still in the school. Lucky my children can transfer to other school.
As a parent and a child advocate, I have never in my life seen such horrendous treatment by a principal to her staff. You have dedicated teachers collaborating in secret to assure the success of students. Completely unprofessional with regards to privacy, she offers zero support to professional development and is more concerned with her own ego than the success of either her teachers or the happiness of the students. Furthermore, having no compassion or empathy for others is an incredibly poor example that effects everyone. Culturally ignorant, disrespectful to any differences, and with decision-making in a vacuum of self-interest, Carol Fong feeds the environment with fear and retribution, which is unhealthy to the entire faculty and staff. One can rule with an iron fist and not be cruel, but Carol Fong cannot. Whatever her mission is, it definitely is not about creating a positive learning environment for the success of students. Why she is still in such a position of power is a detriment to all who come in contact with her: Parents, students, teachers and staff. Everyone suffers because of her. So unless you can avert your gaze and be subservient to the demands of a tyrant, avoid this school both as a teacher and as a parent. The worst part is, if she is even reading any review of herself, she is likely gleeful that she has such a miserable reputation and firm in her belief that there is nothing anyone will actually do about it!
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