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Country Lane Elementary School

San Jose, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 613


Country Lane Elementary School
5140 Country Lane
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 874-3400
Country Lane Elementary School is located in San Jose, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Country lane was at Great School 10 when my son started. He started from 3rd grade. I was very happy because they did projects evenry month, had presentations and so on. 4th grade was a waste of the whole school year, Teachers should focus on projects so kids can start learning how to research, do more classroom presentations so kids can build their public speaking skills. Overall it was ok but the school can do a much better job to support its kids just like schools of the neighboring school district.
Our kindergarten to 2nd grade were great. But then in 3rd grade, 1 teacher had no experience and had no control of her class, another teacher had too many personal issues to teach and the remaining 2 teachers were focused on their own class (as it should be). 3rd grade put the nail in the coffin for us. We made the decision 5 months into the school year to up and move. My child finished up the school year, but I became the math teacher, the science teacher and at times her language teacher. She would come home with math homework but has no clue how to solve the problems. She finally confessed that instead of the teacher teaching the methods to solve the math problems, they watched youtube and other online apps, which provides answers BUT DOES NOT explain the methodology. I knew it was bad, and our new school gave us further proof how un-challenging, un-engaging and behind Country Lane math was.Let's talk about the principal and Home & School Club. Both parties should be putting our children first (you would think!), but nope .... After bringing up how unsafe the campus is after all the school shootings, one of the ladies, in the presence of the principal and vice principal, had the audacity to say "The chances of a school shooting is less than the chances of being in a car accident" LADY ... just the .001% chance of a school shooting happening with ANY HUMAN on campus is NOT ACCEPTABLE. They spent $40K - yes $40,000 on widening the dirt track (by a few inches). Instead they could have spent $40K on changing the 10+ gates (that are opened the entire time during school) to 1-way locked gates. I understand that $40K is not enough to get all the gates changed but start slow. At least you're getting it done and showing us parents that you care about the safety of our children. BTW ... besides the occasional PE on this track, this school does not offer any athletic programs - no tracks, no cross country, nada, zippo.We started Country Lane with excitement but the principal, the H&S club, and our 3rd grade teacher ruined it for us.
We love Country Lane! Wen there for 3 years now, and all of the teachers my son had were loving, patient and enthusiastic about their job. We love that the school is small and the kids and their family are involved which creates a fun environment and prevents bullying.
I am really worried. I was expecting a little bit more this year because the combo classes that messed up last year were gone, but nothing changed. Students have not really learned much in this school year. Substitute teachers are not ready to teach, and let the children play an "educational" games that they used to play in their lower grades. Students have taken CAASPP for three weeks without any preparation for the test and the class is not working properly during and after the test also. I want you to know that other grade parents are dissatisfied with the qualities of teachers.
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