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Williams Elementary School

San Jose, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 682


Williams Elementary School
1150 Rajkovich Way
San Jose, CA 95120
(408) 535-6196
Williams Elementary School is located in San Jose, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Teachers and parents are so well cooperating together. And kids are educated well blananced.
There are some super nice families here but there are also a lot of very clique arrogant parents. It is weighted too much toward the clique parents. If you belong to an ethnic group that is large enough and your child is very academic, then you will be fine. You may even love it. But if you don't, you and your child may really get the cold shoulder. The school staff will try some to improve the situation but their effort is way too little. We are now in a different environment. Our new school home is amazing. A very inclusive loving environment can be achieved. Our new principal simply doesn't put up with abusive teachers. One of the staff members at our new school said the principal is brilliant and she really challenges the staff's thinking. William's principal and the school district are just too lazy, complacent, and arrogant. They think they already know it all. They think they have achieved it all. But they haven't. In certain respects, this school is a real hell hole.
I had several negative experience from this school from principal and teachers. I felt heavy discrimination based on who you are where are you from they classify the parents and behave accordingly. They do welcome very warmly some "parents" and they ignore the others. last year one of the teacher classified my child as immigrant based on my appearance even though my child born in here, I am US citizen disappointing very disappointing. School looks like academically strong but parents are doing all the work it is not schools success it is parents success.I tried to reach principle several times with some concerns but unfortunately he did not respond my email final one day I went to see him simply he walked away he said he is busy. Over all very disappointing school, staff and the principal.
We had a real culture shock when we started school.Our previous school never asked for donations like this school and its parent groups.Minimum donation of hundreds of dollars per child per year was very strongly requested at the beginning of school. There were also other multiple donation requests that go over a hundred per student...for teachers to buy classroom supplies, for room parents to buy crafts and party supplies etc. There are at least 4 parties planned per year! These monetary donations do not include food and some items.Apparently for some reasons, the school does not get enough funding from the substantial property taxes..to fund PE, music, art, science etc. So, the school turn to parents for money naturally.Parents and students are pressurized to donate. The pressure also depends on the group of parents and teachers. A parent was "shamed" by other parents and teacher, because he did not donate as much as requested (to buy supplies not related to academics use), through emails and teacher talking to parent about it in front of other parents and the whole class of students. Of course, the affected child overheard the loud conversation and asked the parent about it at home. This is quite a shame this could happen in a public school. This neighborhood and vicinity are made up of mostly millions dollar and old homes, but not all parents are high income earners or have innate wealth. This public school, leadership, and some parents fail to realize and respect that some families simply may not agree with certain things; do not grow money on trees and cannot give several golden eggs at the drop of a hat. This is quite a culture to experience.So, I am saying this to prepare any parents who are thinking of moving to this neighborhood based on school etc....and think very carefully, if the school, culture and leadership is a good fit for the family.
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