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Parkside Elementary School

San Mateo, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 228


Parkside Elementary School
1685 Eisenhower Street
San Mateo, CA 94402
(650) 312-7575
Parkside Elementary School is located in San Mateo, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Student Diversity



Native American
Pacific Islander
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We have loved our experience here so far. This is our second full year. Our child loves their teacher and has good friends in their class. The project work is challenging and I can see the learning happening. There are a lot of opportunities for parents to spend time on campus and support the classroom, school, and community. This is what i would call a "high involvement" community - parents are asked to put in meaningful volunteer hours every year and they are asked to provide financial contributions in order to fund programs and teacher aides (the financial contribution piece is at every school). I never feel pressured though like i have in other places, and that's important to recognize. If I can't make an event, that's okay. If I can't give today, that's okay. I give back to this community as best as I can and in ways that I'm best at, and that is deeply appreciated. Every parent or grandparent brings something different to the learning experience, and it's really special for the kids. There are of course a lot of parents who work during the day and aren't on campus - and that is also totally okay and there are a ton of other ways to be a part of the community. In years past, I think Parkside had more downs than ups. This year moving forward, I have a high level of confidence in both academic and community outcomes.
We love Parkside. It's a public Montessori and deeply embeds the community and staff into how the school operates.
We have been at Parkside Montessori for nearly three years, through transitional kindergarten, kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades. We moved to San Mateo specifically for this public Montessori program, and the teachers have served our children well. The student body is very diverse. My children's classmates are from the Pacific Islands, Japan, Korea, France, Eastern Europe, Guatemala, and many other places, as well as long-time Californians of many ethnicities and backgrounds. The school is refreshingly non-cliquey, particularly in comparison with private schools in the area. Parents are welcoming and inclusive, greeting familiar and new faces with a smile every day. Each morning at dropoff, there is music and a schoolyard full of kids playing and parents chatting. Stop by some morning and check it out!Our teachers at Parkside have been veteran Montessorians, unparalleled in their dedication to our children and the Montessori method. The classrooms enjoy bountiful high-quality Montessori materials, and the teachers are skilled at ensuring each child benefits from them. Grace and courtesy are taught as a regular part of the day, and I have never experienced any rude or raucous behavior by any of our students. This year our TK/K class had its own garden, and the children ate the veggies they grew. We have supplemental music programs and Art in Action, a nationwide program to educate children in the fine arts. There are so many opportunities for parents to be involved, including assisting in the classroom, chaperoning field trips (SF Symphony and Cal Academy of Sciences this year), helping with community building events, and our environmental group the Green Team. There are so many school-wide events that help draw the community together, such as mindfulness seminars, art exhibits, science nights, movie nights, and fundraising parties. The Great Schools rating numbers may be skewed by the fact that until the 2017-18 school year, Parkside's physical location was shared by a neighborhood school program that was completely separate from the Montessori program.We are so grateful to have a public Montessori option in San Mateo. Parents, students, teachers, and staff make any school what it is, and our family is thrilled with the community that is Parkside.
So far, not impressed. We've been at this school for a few years, and we're not sure if we want to stay. Part of it is all the issues I mentioned above. The other part is that because it's a lottery-based school, it's probably receiving funding that should be going to and improving the local public school. While there are some low-income families at this school, there are many higher income and "privileged" families from wealthier neighborhoods that drive all the way over here to benefit from this school. We're a Parkside family, this is our neighborhood, and it does irk me to see people not willing to live in the same community as the lower income families, but they have no problem sending their kids to school here. Also, it feels that some of these more privileged families form little cliques and stick with their "own kind." They may be nice to you at first, and then you and your family is basically ignored. There IS a sense of community for SOME, but not all us have received this warm welcome.
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