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Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School

San Pedro, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 362


Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School
732 South Cabrillo Avenue
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 832-6446
Cabrillo Avenue Elementary School is located in San Pedro, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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I must say I was really Concern of bringing my child here for her home school for kindergarten. My son was here for third grade he is now in high school magnet, he had really bad experiences here at this school .. Never again did I my other children they all attended South Shores magnet elementary . But when I saw the the changes that Cabrillo has been making I was really impressed I don't think parents know of the big changes at the school is making, the offices are so organize so clean I really like the changes that the new principal is making .. I will keep my daughter here for kindergarten and give it a try .
Walked into the office one day and found my kindergartener eating his lunch from a chair while kneeling on the floor. Eating from the floor like a dog. When I asked why they had my son eating from the floor, the older lady at the desk said that they asked him to sit on his chair and eat from his lap. If these kids are in trouble for ANYTHING that requires them to eat in the office, they should have a table to eat from.Also had many reports of "behavior" problems with most of them being that he played with a ball at recess when he wasn't allowed to, and running. I asked the teacher about the ball permissions and she claims to have given back his permissions on many occasions and she always had to take it away. My son tells me he never had ball permissions since the beginning of school. If she's correct, then how confusing that must have been for a 6yo to be told you can play and then not play so many times. Academically my son was great, but had these "behavior" issues all year. I'm not going to name any names but I've had nothing but bad experiences with this school. From teachers to office personnel. Lots of attitude from the front desks and teachers that just plain quit on you. Easy solutions to simple problems, but they would rather give you negative feedback than actually solve the problems. Kids can't run during recess? Let them race around the track in a supervised manner! I actually had this discussion with the school principal and she took a few kids including my son to the track and let them run out some energy while she supervised. I was under the impression that this was going to be an ongoing thing for these kids with too much energy, but she only did it one time to apparently appease me, and then went back to the same old song and dance of "behavior" issues.Don't bring your child here or you'll end up like us and apply for every other elementary school in the state of California to escape.
i am disapointed in the way this school runs its learing disability class. My little brother is currently enrolled in this program and has experienced being put down multiple times. Being that this is a learing disabilitly class these students need more attention then others in which she should already know. She has said things like "what are you def" "are your parents bums" and "you are trash and will never be anything" to my little brother. After hearing these things and seeing the tears flow from my brothers eyes i am heart broken. These teachers are saposed to be lifting these kids up and letting them know who/what they can become as adults. As a result my mom will be taking him out of the school and will move school districts. i hope and pray this will never happen to another student again.