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Mission Hill Middle School

Santa Cruz, CA
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 607


Mission Hill Middle School
425 King Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 429-3860
Mission Hill Middle School is located in Santa Cruz, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Horrible. This schools location has an impact on my focus, and the teachers are just as bad. Grades are diffucult to achieve, but teachers might support you a little more. I dont recommend this school for succesful striving students.
My son tried MH for 2 years. It was difficult for him to find good friends having transferred from out of district. He was bullied a lot both years. I was blown off by the principle, but the counselor was very pro-active. This was an ongoing issue both years, and my son has become hardened by the awful experiences which went unnoticed by staff 98% of the time. He had wonderful Core teachers both years, but the math was mediocre at best. Strictly by the book and no imaginative deviation to bring it to life. The science classes were ok. Both teachers had condescending attitudes towards some students that were openly displayed; very unprofessional. Lots of Bill Nye videos in lieu of cool classroom experiments. Mediocre work is considered acceptable. The Music and Art programs are good, and lots of opportunities for Sports, but you have to stay on top of School Loop for info, or you'll miss deadlines for try outs. Not enough supervision during lunch period, which was when much bullying went on for many students. It's a big school, so don't expect any warm fuzzies; and your child will be stressed by the social conditioning that is mandatory in order to fit in.
My daughter had attended Mission Hill for 2 years, and in that time she has encountered wonderful teachers, a strong and positive administration. She has grown academically and socially because of the opportunities she has had at Mission Hill, and the consistency among teachers has been helpful. The school is very safe with a welcoming climate, created mainly by school administrators and their team. My daughter has had the opporuntiy to be in several clubs, and the principal and vice principal often visited or even supervised the meetings when teachers were unavailable. I have not seen that level of commitment by in administrators in other schools. It is my sincere hope that my daughter's high school experience will be an extension of her time at MHMS...it is, indeed, a great school.
My child graduated from this school last year. The administration at this school was mediocre, unimaginative and sometimes "If you don't like it then too bad." There are very strict rules and codes of behavior. One thing they do pay attention to is bullying -- they work hard on that. Most of the teachers, on the other hand, have been really amazing, particularly the core and science teachers. They are thoughtful and responsive and have great curriculums, the projects my daughter did were creative and concentrated on research and critical thinking. The math program was particularly plodding, and was untracked, which didn't work AT ALL. The curriculum was mind-numbing and undifferentiated (although once again, the teacher was responsive and kind). PE: some teachers were great, others horrible. One teacher taught them about oxygen delivery, body mass index, and personal best -- but another gave her C's because she couldn't throw a frisbee and wasn't good at team sports, even though she tried hard. Lastly, the art program at this school is life-changing. I would recommend the school just for this program. My daughter's two lovely mosaics are permanently installed on bridges.
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