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Santa Maria High School

Santa Maria, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2720


Santa Maria High School
901 South Broadway
Santa Maria, CA 93454
(805) 925-2567
Santa Maria High School is located in Santa Maria, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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SMHS is outstanding! The students are kind to each other and the teachers bend over backward to help students prepare for the future. SMHS has a multitude of clubs and sports for students. And the Technology & Engineering program is the best program to introduce students to high paying, high demand jobs. No other school in the district offers this class. The school offers amazing auto shop classes and the welding and agriculture classes offer kids hands-on lessons to real-world problems. The college acceptance rate in 2018 was the highest of any other school in the district. It's no wonder that so many students are trying to do transfers from their school to SMHS!
To my honest opinion this school offered me the resources to continue on to a higher education. Having recently graduated and now attending a four year university .High school is what you make of it and the effort you put into it.They offer more help and teachers willing to guide you towards a higher education, you have to be willing to go find those resources. Nice teachers, humble students.
Where should I start? Santa Maria High School's leadership is joke. There is hardly one thing about this school that I like. The students, somewhat friendly and the entire three years I've been attending, only one teacher has been friendly and even then he was a bit judgmental. The staff here are a bit of a hypocrite and contradict themselves quite a lot. The support here is ridiculous and the only support you'll ever get from this school is just the staff telling you to "attend tutoring", whereas the tutoring here is quite awful. You have one teacher attending and helping a big number of students in the MMLC, and even then all this teacher does is simply walk around. The recent schedule change is simply outrageous and stressful. You have 6 classes and hours of homework each day. The weight of our backpacks is simply horrifying. As mentioned before we have 6 classes and a textbook for each of the classes, depending the schedule we have, then we have supplies for the classes etc this all reaches up 75 - 90 lbs of things being carried everyday. There is so much more to this school that's bad, but little characters remaining for me. All in all, I do not recommend to anyone.
I recently graduated from the school and I have to say Santa Maria High School is great. The teachers are awesome and really care about students education. Before going to SMHS i was told by many people (that never attended the school) that it was full of gangs and pregnant girls.....This just isn't true. Yes there are some students that appear to be in gang's but almost every public school has that. There are rarely fights at the school, in the 4 years i attended SMHS i only remember there being like 3 fights and none were gang related. Now about the pregnant thing SMHS has the most because there is a program that helps teen moms across the street so when a school has a girl that gets pregnant they send them over to SMHS. The school is great, if I had children I would have no problem sending them to school there.
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