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Soledad High School

Soledad, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1492


Soledad High School
425 Gabilan Drive
Soledad, CA 93960
(831) 678-6400
Soledad High School is located in Soledad, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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This school is mediocre at best. To start, the staff. As a whole, the entire district seems to disregard ANY request or concern from a parent or student. Almost every other year, there's a new principal; which just confuses the pacing of how educational and extracurricular programs are managed. SOME of the teachers can be quite rude and can't even execute their job properly. I understand the students might be hard to deal with, but it's the teacher's job to enforce discipline. But how could they do that if almost the entire student population isn't even willing to learn? A large amount of the students are ignorant, they don't see the bigger picture after high school. That may be due to many reasons from home life to their perspective on life as a whole. Two wrongs don't make a right, so when bad students and unqualified teachers collide; the result usually affects the students who want to learn! Like many below this review have said, a lot of teachers here usually just watch a movie or have the students TRY to teach themselves. I get it, a student must work hard for a good grade; but that can only go so far when the students are on their own with the issues I just stated previously. The state test scores prove there is some sort of disconnection between the students and the material. However, I will give credit where it's due. The programs offered are all well-done, no major problems. The coaches and staff who run their respective programs are all a good fit. Security is great also, with about 3-4 security staff roaming around the campus at all times; and an occasional visit from a police officer. Unfortunately, my positive points for this high school have NOTHING to do with EDUCATION. Someone from here said this next point perfectly, "This school has a very high migrant farm worker mentality. The kids are not being prepped for [major universities], they are being prepped to work at CTF (state prison), surrounding wineries or the trades." It's a shame that MOST of the students' individuality as a person is being traded for a simple, uniform job after high school. Soledad High fails at preparing students for the diverse world by not fully showing what is truly out there. Some students here think Soledad is where it's at! Like there's no other place they can go to. As a current student of Soledad High, I would not recommend this high school.
This school is sad to see that instead of getting better it's getting worst.. The administration does not know our community, and they do not want take the time to get to know us. I am a parent that visits the school often, the administration has been very rude to me. They do not acknowledge me or other parents that are waiting. I have thought of complaining tot the district but what's the point, the new superintendent will not do anything but defend the administration. Out of all this, our kids are the ones that are hurting. Why can't the board members see that, why can't they be our voice for our students. How can our students succeed, when our board members allow these type of people to lead our high school. So disappointed,,,,,,,
I don't think it's fair to take a dig at the Basketball coach. These Coaches put in a lot of time and effort on their end. Their stipend is nothing compared to the amount of work, time and energy, they spend teaching these kids the fundamentals when it comes to sports. They are put through "trainings" or given many resources. These coaches are spending hours teaching the kids the fundamentals of basketball or any sport, given, that wasn't taught at an earlier age. Compared to teachers, who are credential, receive support and are sent to trainings. This nice man is taking time out of his personal schedule, because they aren't others who want to step up and take on the responsibility of being a HS coach. So please, unless the coach is a horrible, ill mannered person, don't take a jab at someone who is trying to help their community.
If you want a good grade, don't study or put any effort in. Just have your parent call the counselor to change your grade to an A... Boom! Done! Whining and complaining are the keys to success at this school. The administration figures all the kids are poor and dumb and will work on a farm anyway so they don't care what grades are given.
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