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Solvang Elementary School

Solvang, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-8
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  • Enrollment: 605


Solvang Elementary School
565 Atterdag Road
Solvang, CA 93463
(805) 697-4701
Solvang Elementary School is located in Solvang, CA and serves grades K-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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Reviews4 Reviews

the school is hands down the worst school in the area, the teachers would rather eat snacks and gossip with there friends then teach and care about the children, the teachers lack empathy and i think a basic understanding of how children act and behave, they have NO PATIENTS at all, do not take your child to this school, very bad people here !!
Fantastic teachers and a great campus that has been getting a lot of updates to the grounds and landscaping. Our kids love it and come home fulfilled and learning a ton.
This school has been very good to great in the past. However, the new Superintendent/Principal doesn't seem effective. The school is split up among racial lines, whites vs. minorities; with the whites ruling. There are very few hispanic teachers at the school. Bullying has become a huge issue, and again, the Super hasn't been effective, even allowing and encouraging bullying among the parents. Teachers aren't paid as much as other schools, so teacher retention is a serious problem. If you get one of the experienced good long-term teachers, then your child will have a very good experience. If the teacher's not good, then you're on your own.
My kids have been complaining from 1st grade & still are.They are now at upper campus.Teachers,the ones that LOVE their job are amazing & truly gifted, my kids in return do very well in their classes.They come home excited & talking.Now for the bad news I rated 1 star because the BAD out weighs the good!My kids have always complained about the paid aids.When asked for help they were told to work it out.As you could imagine this led to problems, yet they would go out of there way to help others.While this school has gone through many overall changes,which have effected my kids & others in such a negative way(ex. playground).Really how could it not??When problems arise,I got the feeling of just tell this person what they want to hear to get me to go away, of course problems kept coming up.#1 Do not go to this school! But if it is your only choice it would be good if you are involved or know someone who is working there or is a volunteer.If you have money and donate no problem.Any patterns stick out?Food for thought since one of my kids was in 2nd grade every year the school keeps losing students even 1/2 through the year to other schools close by. This school is rated 7 out of 10=bad