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George Lincoln Mosher

Stockton, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 534


George Lincoln Mosher
3220 Buddy Holly Drive
Stockton, CA 95212
(209) 953-9298
George Lincoln Mosher is located in Stockton, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Mosher is a wonderful school! The principal and teachers really care about the students and they make learning fun. They promote life skills, perfect attendance and working to excel. Surprised to read the negative, definitely not my impression of the school. A+ to Mosher
I am very disappointed in George Lincoln Mosher. What happened to teachers, administration and parents working together? All this past year my child's teacher was unavailable when I tried to communicate at the end of the day. I tried calling her on several occasions at the end of the day but she was already gone for the day. How could this be when it's before 2:35??? Is the Princple aware of this and if she is aware why does she allow it? Teachers should be available after school to talk to parents. Maybe I am old fashioned in my thinking but I expect to be able to reach out to my child's teacher during school hours and not hear over and over that she is unavailable. I was getting out of my car to pick my child up for a dentist appointment one day at shortly after 2:00 and saw the teacher leaving in her car. I came back to the school the next day and saw the same thing. We'll that explained it. I wish my boss allowed this. Who oversees the principal who is not overseeing the teacher? It reflects badly on this school and the other teachers who are there not to just collect a paycheck.
I was one of the very first 6th graders who attended this school, and I must say it was one of the greatest years in my life (Thank you Ms. Geiszler)! This school and the staff in general are all amazing. Mr. Brown was an excellent principal and although I haven't seen Mrs. Cuenin as the principal before, I know she's an amazing person (She was my 5th grade teacher).
My child has been a student at Mosher Elementary School for 3 years. I have been very pleased with the teachers that he has had. They have been very supportive and professional. However, I have been extremely disappointed in the principal. She does not give the impression that she is concerned about the students and she lacks the personal connections to them and their parents. I have had talks with her where she acted completely uninterested in what I was saying and both times she failed to make eye contact and actually began a conversation with someone else. She needs to learn communication skills if she plans to continue to work with parents!! She comes across "phoney" and I have actually witnessed her on several occassions being very unprofessional. On two instances when I came into the school to the office, I overheard her gossiping negatively and loudly about another parent and a person on her staff. I was shocked by her lack of class and professionalism. It's a shame that the principal conducts herself in this manner because Mosher teachers certainly do not. It made me very uncomfortable. She is not what Mosher parents want or need...it's a shame.
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