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Herrick Avenue Elementary School

Sylmar, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 491


Herrick Avenue Elementary School
13350 Herrick Avenue
Sylmar, CA 91342
(818) 367-1864
Herrick Avenue Elementary School is located in Sylmar, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Staff members especially PTA are extremely rude. Especially a gentleman from the morning drop off, he will not hesitate to get in your face in front of your child!!.I have never had a bad experience with a school until now. I'm hoping my son's teacher will be better as the year continues.
The principal is not friendly at all. I remember going into the office to sign the opting out form,the principal was the one who gave me the form but in a rude way just threw it onto the counter she did not even bother looking at me. This showed me she had a lack of professionalism.There was this other incident with my child's teacher in which she told the class that they had to be in their school uniform. She told the class that if they did not wear their uniform the next day they would have to wear an oversized loaner shirt. My child did not want to go to school the next day since I chose to opt out of the uniform policy.I told my child not to worry. Teachers should not be like that they should let parents know that they have the choice to opt out of the uniform policy. No one is obligated to wear uniforms it says so on the parent handbook.But many parents don't even take the time to read what the handbook says and do as the principal says," uniforms are mandatory," when in reality they are not. I am glad my child no longer attends this school.
The principal is not friendly at ALL. The office staff staff is rude. When you go in the office, for whatever the reason is they see you go in and pretend to be busy. They help you when they feel like it. When their kids go on field trips the ladies in the office that have their kids going on a field trip somehow end up in the bus when many of us parents volunteer to go. The teacher just says that they don't have anymore room in the bus, not fair. I wonder if they get paid for going on the field trip when they should be working in the office. I do not like the fact that parents aren't allowed inside the school in the morning. I hate the idea of the uniforms.How on earth do uniforms help children do better in school? It's up to the child to put their effort in learning and doing well. It's also up to the partents to be on top of their childs education, not just the teachers. This principal is only concerned about the uniforms not the students. Something that I find as not being fair is that uniforms are sold prior to the first couple of days of school and only the parents who buy uniforms find out who their child's teacher will be. So I end up buying the uniform. I don't know if they will be doing that this year.The principal before this lady was GREAT! I don't know why she got moved to another school. I miss the old principal, when this lady was just asst. principal.
Everything is wrong about this school. The front staff are rude and needs customer service training. They deal with the public and needs to learn to be respectful and put a smile on their face. It makes me wonder if they really hate working there because they are doing a poor job on representing the school. The principal and teachers don't seem to care about the students nor the parent's concern for the children. No feedback on homework assignments or classwork so the students and their parents do not know progress of the students. When I asked my child, "what did you learn today" and the response was "nothing, we just play a lot". The teachers do no provide their emails, so you either have to write notes and leave in the students backpack or call the main office. Tried writing notes---no response so don't know if they ever got he notes. Calling the main office is like going through hell, having to deal with attitude problems from the office staff. REALLY?! I'd give it a zero star if I could.
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