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Walteria Elementary School

Torrance, CA
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 679


Walteria Elementary School
24456 Madison Street
Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 533-4487
Walteria Elementary School is located in Torrance, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 9 out of 10
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Native American
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Excellent staff and principal prepare students for the future
We feel that our children are safe and taken good care of. We had a very poor experience with the teacher this past year and although we brought it up to the principal, I doubt it will be addressed. We are eagerly awaiting to see how things will work this next year, but so far our experience is an 8 at best. We did have one amazing teacher, Ms. Wix, who has been the highlight of our time in Walteria... The school needs more teachers like her. The cafeteria offers juice boxes for free, but bottled water at a cost... I could not believe it when my kids told me that this is why they are drinking juice, which they never do at home...
My son has attended Walteria elementary from Pre-K and now he is at 3rd. What we have experienced in this school are all positive - great teachers with excellent caring minds and expertise, wonderful parents actively supporting the class and the school, and awesome and terrific kids! Someone told us that the school has around 25 different language speaking families, so very diversified. (We have multi-cultural night festival in May every two years, a fun and interesting event.) My son's friends' families are typically hard-working successful upper-middle class folks, taking great responsibilities in their careers and have very good common sense. That is really important when my kid does something crazy to other kids (it can happen). If needed, parents can talk in good sincere words with good caring hearts for both families. School teachers & principal support very good about what happening on campus and treat kids with fairness and most educational way. No nonsense I have ever encountered in our past 5 years at the school. We are so blessed about the very good teachers from the beginning at Pre-K, and then Kinder, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. All have different style and characters but one thing in common - they do care about the students and very dedicated to the early childhood education, I am pleased to give all of them 5 stars!Also, we are fortunate to have great volunteers coming to the classes - teaching and sharing various kinds of interesting staffs and stories, not only arts / music but also histories and cultures. Walteria is big about Adventures of Art program, too. One thing to note is that each teacher has different way. Some emphasis on science while others do more social studies. Some give more home works while others give less. So, there are variations but as far as I hear from other parents, there are no less-than-average teacher in the school.There are always some limitations and challenges to the school (such as budget cuts) but we feel unity here at Walteria, teacher - parents - students working together to make the school better, all heading to one good direction. The bottom line - kids enjoy their precious time at Walteria, making solid academic foundation and will be ready for the next and higher schools. Overall, I am very confident about this school and highly recommend this school to all families of any cultural background.
Moving into the area, I was told that Torrance schools, and Walteria in particular, were excellent, but it didn't take long to see major shortcomings. There is no school bus system. There is no Art, Music, or foreign language curriculum, which is why my child has four recesses. Art and music programs are sponsored by the PTA, but these should be supplemental to the core curriculum, not a substitution. Further, I do not need to be sent notices on the dangers of "entitled" children and giving them what they want when they have four recesses and no creative curriculum. The online presence is amateurish at best. There are four different explanations I've found online and in literature about how to put money into the lunch system, and not one word about how the children are to use the account. My child still hasn't been issued a card after over a month of enrollment. The only emphasis I can see is on academics, but the methodology and execution is suspect, resorting to gimmicks and canned curriculum, and class size is at capacity. Given the apparent lack of resources, I simply do not trust the school to adequately educate my children and will be looking to move soon.
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