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Cabrillo Elementary School

Upland, CA
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 626


Cabrillo Elementary School
1562 West 11th Street
Upland, CA 91786
(909) 985-2619
Cabrillo Elementary School is located in Upland, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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I hate it here. We’ve been lucky with some sweet teachers but the leadership is awful. She doesn’t know most of the kids let alone care about them. The staff must be unhappy because they can’t keep anyone very long. We have recently found out (the hard way) that every student has their own computer and there are NO safeguards on these computers. When we asked about it we were told there was nothing they could do and kids should know better (which was a great reminder that the principal knows nothing about kids at all).
My three daughters will be leaving this school soon... I recently bought a home 45 minutes away .... I hope that there new school is as amazing as Cabrillo elementary..... my children have only been attending this school for a year ,but I have seen so much improvement .... not only in there motivation to learn but, also in there character.... I think there program reading counts is very affective and should be used in all schools by kids are very competitive toward eachother wanting to be eachother scores and to do so they most read more books.... I love it because I have always been a book worm myself. I will always be great full for this school and the impacted it's had on my children. I would like to acknowledge the teacher/staff that have helped my children grow. Mrs Buries,and Mrs whobery,are amazing women and teachers and made my children love school so much mrs monique and ,new teacher Mrs Prince is doing such an amazing job keeping my daughter motivated and focused on learning . Thank you and keep doing what your doing you are appreciated
My two children have attended cabrillo for two years all i can say is principle is not qualified for her title.seems like any one who is a volenteer pretty much gets a pass on anything bad thier child dose that also attends cabrillo.there are rude teachers who have worked to long as a teacher and have let it go to thier heads .They feel they can talk down to parents and parent has no rights to correct or speak thier opinion.teachers are rude in a polite way.principle pretends to care about problems she will play dumb and say she has only been a principle for one year and expect a parent to except that as an excuse.i regret keeping my children here for the two years i did.office staff is rude and the principle lets the"watch dog dads"do what they please with no back ground checks they are allowed to be in charge of certain activities with the children on campus .as a parent my husband spoke to the principle about just allowing anyone to be behinde gates with children was a concern.she did not care and said its ok cause they are volenteers.but its only two same men that are doing it and because they do there children that attend cabrillo get away with pretty much everything.i have transfred my two children out of this school.alot of other parents dont like the way this school has been run this past year but they feel their opinon dont matter and thats true.district will stand behind principle and teachers even when they are wrong.
This is my child's 2nd year here and he loves attending Cabrillo. I also love the fact that he does, until my perspective of how I felt about this school changed when I received a voice message a week before school started and on the first day. Everything is so unorganized and unprofessional from the day I received a voice message from which I believe it was the principal stating school will start on Aug. 24. As I recall the message was " Cabrillo Students, this is (name was unclear) school starts on August 24th, see you sharply". The message was not very welcoming and unprofessional in my opinion. On the first day of school their are two men standing in front of the school and did not greet me but yet greeted other parents?! On the second day I seen who I know of now Principal Verdi who was not welcoming, she stood in front of the school speaking to the two men that were standing the day before who didn't greet me she kept chatting away. On the third day after I had walked my child to the gates I walked up to one of the men and asked who he was, if he is a teacher etc. and let me mind you I see a badge behind his tie, which should be visible! The man told me that he got introduced to the students durning an assembly the day before. But as a parent I would like to know who he is? The man still not introduce himself. Also, on this day I had went to the office to address some conerns I had and office staff was very pleasant and explained as usual, but Principal Ms Verdi stood there listening for a brief minute and walked into her office and closed the door. Also, the three days I picked up my child, I had to go to the kinder playground for pickup. It's a one gated area where parents bump into each other, and children running around. There is no formation like how the kinders would line up on both sides of the gates when entering in the front of the school and the teachers would call the student up and release them to their parents. I am not sure why they just don't release the 1st graders there if the kinders have already been dismissed out of class.I find this very upsetting, because not only do I feel this way I find that other parents that I have spoken to and to have known previously from last year, also find it unprofessional and unorganized. CONT......---->>
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