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Oak Hills Elementary School

Valencia, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-6
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  • Enrollment: 649


Oak Hills Elementary School
26730 Old Rock Road
Valencia, CA 91381
(661) 291-4100
Oak Hills Elementary School is located in Valencia, CA and serves grades K-6.It received a GreatSchool rating of 8 out of 10
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If you have a have with adhd or HFA or learning difficulties oak hills is just incredible. We transferred here after my son was labeled “bad kid” because he is adhd and gifted and other teachers didn’t want to deal with him. Oak hills sees him as a bright kid who just needs assistance staying focused and they do whatever they need to to HELP him. Love this place. The principle is amazing leader who knows every single students name and so involved in everyone.
The leadership at this school is truly amazing. This is the first full year for our new principal and assistant principal. They are both incredible. I am impressed by the way they run this school. The previous principal literally had no backbone. The teachers ruled the school, the influential parents waved their money around and “bought” their kids leniency. It was a mess. The new administrators treat every student equally regardless of income. Teachers are held accountable also! During the previous principal’s reign there was no rules set in place for the teachers or parents. My child was in a class where the teacher sat on her phone ordering things for her home. Parents who bought their kids leniency would sign their kids out of school early, bring their kids to school late, have disruptive bullying children in class who never had any consequences.This has all changed in the past 1 year since we have had new leaders who actually lead!The parents who left negative feedback below must have a personal vendetta against the administrators. If your child works hard and follows the rules then they will succeed. There is no favoritism anymore. The school has implemented a wonderful STEM curriculum under our new leadership. Anywhere I go in this community and tellpeople my child goes to Oak Hills, I inevitably get positive feedback about our school. I am proud to have my 2nd child at Oak Hills. I am 100% thrilled with our administrators and curriculum offered.
New leadership here has negatively affected all aspects of the environment at this school. Bullying is on the rise here, communication between the staff and parents is non-existent. When Mr. G was still here there was a sense of community and openness that has since been demolished. There is a coldness to new leadership and an unwillingness to be partners in your child's education.
It’s frustrating to see there is no equal treatment in the class, teachers play lot of favoritism, which being unfair and under rate other children, it’s frustrating, this school have lot potential but teachers are being unfair, and also lot of bullying!
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