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Ventura High School

Ventura, CA
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 2072


Ventura High School
2 North Catalina Street
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 641-5116
Ventura High School is located in Ventura, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Great Highschool Environment. I really enjoyed my personal academic experience here. This school supported my education and enabled myself to get where I am now.
We have 3 children attending Ventura High this year as Freshmen and a Sophomore. In general we liked this school over our assigned school (Buena) and chose to have our kids transfer here (I would rate it a 'Average' Star). Mrs. Frias (our kids counselor) has been very helpful and always gets back to us promptly regarding our questions and we feel she definitely is a concerned advocate for our kids at school (I would rate her a 'Great' star). From what our kids have told us, the restrooms in particular are filthy. Our kids will not use them at all at school and prefer to hold it all day! And that is messy teenaged boys talking, so that can't be good. (Obviously, on this I would vote a 'Terrible' star) I wish they had more summer school opportunities for kids trying to get extra credits. Instead we are having to go elsewhere to provide this for our kids. (A 'Bad' star) Finally, commenting on what another parent mentioned below, I'm not happy with the focus on the sexuality 'celebrations'/support either. I have no problem with supporting ALL of our students and encouraging their success in life but school is not the venue for personal and private issues of this nature. (I would vote a 'Terrible' star on this one too) And yeah, they don't seem to have any faith-based (or maybe its just not Christian) clubs/groups. (I would vote this a 'Bad' star)
The councillors are absolutely terrible and are extremely disorganized. My Son took online classes which were supposedly UC approved but his councillor forgot to mention that it was outdated and no longer UC approved when assigning him the online classes. He had to redo the courses he took. Just things like this constantly occurred. His English teachers were ridiculous, with poor education from state schools, and with severely insufficient morals. His teacher wouldn't give him an A, no because he didn't deserve it by working over 4 hours on English homework, but because she believed no one deserved an A in the class. The cleanliness of the school is absolutely disgusting. There are rodents and roaches on school grounds, trash and food everywhere, and the desks never are cleaned. Many student at school were getting impetigo because of the filth they were exposed to.
My oldest daughter graduated from VHS several years ago and I have another child in VHS now. I have been happy with the teaching, classes offered including Honors and AP classes as well as music, drama and art programs. I have always found that the Principal was always very supportive and always acted in best interest of the students and the entire student body. Regarding the incident mentioned in previous reviews, I asked my daughter what she thought and also what her friends felt regarding this matter. They felt that the Principal acted appropriately. This ridiculous bashing by parents is very childish.
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