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Victor Valley High School

Victorville, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1829


Victor Valley High School
16500 Mojave Drive
Victorville, CA 92395
(760) 955-3300
Victor Valley High School is located in Victorville, CA and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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(10th grader, formally attended a school that ranked 8/10 on GreatSchools)As a new student that had just recently attended Victor Valley High School, my first impression was bad: -Some of the books that the students in my honors English class read were books I have already read in middle school -The campus was poorly planned out, has the essences of a prison or juvenile detention center -ASB events and rallies felt cursory and very redundant-A majority of the teachers had lost hope students and had thus exponentially lowered their standards-Students are always cheating on tests and quizzes-Students are divided between 2 lunches (this made me feel like I once again attending middle school)-The students are rude and disrespectful towards other peers and teachers-After-school sports are not given P.E credit-The yearbook looked like yearbooks that were given out during my elementary school years.-The lunch was “interesting” (but then again, school lunch is always “interesting”) -My Spanish II teacher was not a good teacher although she had good intentions. -The mascot is a jackrabbit (or in my opinion, a bunny with rabies) All that being said, over time I slowly began to allow myself to see the things that Victor Valley High School had to offer.-The library is hardly ever used by the students; allowing a broader selection of books to be easily accessible. The librarian is somewhat intimidating, and can be a bit blunt and very defensive towards her books -Generally the sports teams are open to new athletes (at least that was the case for swim)-The Calculus/Physics teacher is great-I had more time on my hands to pick up other hobbies and skills-I plan on joining Mock Trial (in my previous school, students on the speech and debate/mock trial team were intimidating) Victor Valley is a low income school that is funded by the government because of their low test scores, I am curious as to where the money is going because from what I have seen, it is not being spent for the betterment of the campus or the curriculum given to the students. But overall, I don’t think I can place the blame entirely on the teachers, district, students, or even the parents. I however, don’t want to say that this is just how things are because the circumstances should be better...
School is good but they really need to have a track and field team!!! Haven' t did it since 8th grade year. I pray that they will have it in my Junior year! We coudl just use our pe clothes as uniforms and do a lot of fundraisers to raise money for uniforms if they don't have the money for it.
This is the most unorganized school! I'm so happy my daughter is done! They will nickel and dime you dry.
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