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Johnson Middle School

Westminster, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 728


Johnson Middle School
13603 Edwards Street
Westminster, CA 92683
(714) 894-7244
Johnson Middle School is located in Westminster, CA and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 6 out of 10
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Pacific Islander
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I am currently an eighth grader at this school, as well as part of the leadership class here. Honestly, I think this school is in ruins and is beyond repair. Most students are incredibly toxic, making fun of others for their differences or how they choose to act. Everyone acts older and more mature than they actually are. There are people doing drugs, drinking, getting pregnant here and there- not to mention fights happen every other day. Teachers do not prevent any of this from happening. Homework for most classes is absolutely useless. Sometimes the teachers assign full-on essays for homework, with absolutely no context as to what the student is to write about. There has been one teacher I truly despise- Mrs. Dudas. She has no clue what she's doing, and every day seemed to be something new. One day she could be teaching you about thesis statements, and the next you're having a furry convention mock trial. On the other hand, I loved Mrs. Milius, Mrs. Fong, and Mrs. McFall. They were all incredibly nice, and I actually enjoyed going to their classes. On a different topic, the leadership class pretty much does nothing for the school. Some of the kids in the class actually do try to help. The other half are making Snapchat videos to post. A lot of them do not have a genuine interest in helping the school. Nobody here helps with bullying. As I've said, lots of fights go on. The teachers do nothing about it. The students don't either. The second it happens, the students go on their phones to record instead of actually helping. So many people do drugs and nothing has been done to stop this. I've tried; nobody listens so why put in the effort anymore? It almost seems like the school is purposely trying to avoid these major problems. Heck, the counselling is bad too. I had a friend who went to the counselor. She wasn't a bad person herself, but they did this group counselling. When my friend tried to introduce who she was, the rest of the girls started to tease and make fun of her- mocking everything she said. And I think that's major bs. She's already cutting, she's already depressed. She's already tried to take her life. There's people there trying to make it worse. The guys are bad too. In sixth grade, I had so many people on me asking for not-good things and it really tore down my self esteem. Overall, everyone here is a problem.
The school is average for a public school in my opinion, as the school needs to follow the United States Public School Educational System guidelines. There are some good things about this school, but I mainly had an somewhat okay experience. There is room for improvement in many different aspects, especially communication, organization of the community. First, teachers have a negative outlook on students and other teachers/staff. Of course the teachers do care, but they don't try to understand students and meet their perspective. Instead they make irrational decisions in the classroom, causing low-income students to suffer. Teachers usually "follow" standards that does not engage nor challenge students. They also expose students to inappropriate content (in my opinion as a student). Usually they do not stick with their plans or curriculum since school changes happen randomly (like frustrating schedule changes). The teachers' assigned assignments are not self-directed for the students unfortunately, but they do have little assignments, which is a good thing as homework has no correlation to success in school. Some teachers are extremely rude to students for not having enough resources or for students who have trouble interpreting and understanding the teacher. Others however make students feel happy and motivate students. All of my teachers have not engaged or challenged me, but they're teaching styles are good except for the over-use of technology. There are problems with Chromebooks as restrictions make it harder to access assignments or resources as it can sometimes be blocked. Staff, in my opinion, are sometimes rude and unprofessional, yet sometimes nice. Jupitered.com , is the site students and parents use to check grades, yet it is rarely updated and accurate by teachers. Teachers have lack of communicating to each other and complain about other teachers. There are rarely any fieldtrips (I have attended none) but there are some academic opportunities like science fairs. The campus is clean but staff are rude, restricting students from many areas like walking on grass (which is unreasonable in my opinion). The principal and co-principal is good at managing student behavior, but it doesn't seem that they communicate to teachers that much. Overall, my experience here at Johnson Middle School is okay but there are some areas that could be improved.
I went to this school when i was in 6th n 7th grade so the years of 03-06...i loved this school so much it was a lot of fun, we where the top school we always won games and everyone was hard working form what i herd the school has gotten bad which is really sad cuz i had so much fun at this school
Well I have to say Johnson M.S is the best school around. I use to think Johnson was a horrible school. I then moved to another school in the Garden Grove District. I realize that "hey Johnson isn't that bad of a school" it was way better than the new school I'm in right now. The teachers at Johnson are nice, they comfort their students, and they know how to teach not like the teachers in the Garden Grove District. The Garden Grove District teachers blame their student that they can't learn..but on my opinion they can't teach..Johnson is the BEST!
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