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Longfellow Elementary School

Whittier, CA
  • Public
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 561


Longfellow Elementary School
6005 South Magnolia Avenue
Whittier, CA 90601
(562) 789-3180
Longfellow Elementary School is located in Whittier, CA and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 5 out of 10
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I'm proud parent of two girls that are responsible, independent, caring, respectful and thanks to the teachers that helped me guide my girls through their education and helped them build self esteem, character and leadership.
I would highly recommend this school. The teachers and staff are caring and loving, yet firm when they need to be. I’d be careful with the parents you talk to though, as some are just looking to stir up problems. Sad.
It has been my experience and unfortunately, my son's experience that he has not been able to efficiently learn and excel here. He truly is a bright child but now he immediately becomes nervous when he is asked questions and has social anxiety. He faints due to a nervous stomach and is not allowed to use the restroom without being punished and owing time back to the school for it. It is not right to have individuals in a position of power like this if they are not putting themselves in the parent's shoes to consider how they are treating the children they are responsible for while they are at school. I'm sure most of the staff have their own children at home and can consider the fact that not every child is able to be brought up in a perfect household. They may be a product of divorce, dealing with a parent's death, dealing with being bullied for their changing bodies such as developing body hair during puberty, etc. We send them to school hoping that the adults there are taking responsibility since working adults can't be with them to protect them all the time. Parents hope that there isn't anything going on at school that we'd have to protect our children from, especially their own teachers. Educators usually choose these careers because they want to "make a difference". They need to really consider the long-term effects they could have on a child's mental health. With constant put downs, punishments, yelling, and no positive reinforcement, how can a parent feel safe sending their child here. I'd attempted to reach out to the principal, Ms. Melissa Garcia, multiple times throughout the school year. With only 1 week left in the school year, she finally called me back only to yell at me when I questioned the school's methods. She tried to say that I'm okaying the things going on since I haven't "been in his class every day to find out what's going on" and stated that I'm condoning the behavior. I've addressed this matter with the Whittier City School District superintendent, Dr. Ron Carruth. I feel that something needs to be done. How long does it go on before someone speaks up enough so that this school changes their ways?! There are way better schools but with public school, we have such a limited selection. If we're forced to send our children here, they need to make major improvements.
I am a parent of a student at Longfellow elementary school and I was recently informed during a Tea with Torres, the Principle, that second graders and fifth graders are required to purchase an iPad for school to be able to keep up with technology and the school curriculum. I was informed that testing is now done using iPads at this public school and as a parent was not given an alternative for my child to be able to test. This school has no control over the PTA and no structure on the School Site Council and their meetings are closed to the public. I thought SSC meetings were public, but Principal Torres asked me to leave. I do not agree with the PTA's outburst against spanish speaking parents and their outburst on the parents lack of appreciation for their hard work, according to the PTA council, their exact words. Attend School Site Council and PTA Meetings December 10, 2014 @ 4:30 pm and see for yourself. I am not an angry parent, just disappointed with the schools lack of commitment for the childrens education.
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