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Mainland High School

Daytona Beach, FL
  • Public
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1941


Mainland High School
1255 West International Speedway Boulevard
Daytona Beach, FL 32114
(386) 226-0300
Mainland High School is located in Daytona Beach, FL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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Mainland is an excellent school is my freshman year and ever is very helpful all the bad stuff people did about it ihave yet to witness but i can proudly say Buc Pride Never Dies #BPND
Mainland is an awful school. The worst decision I've made in my academic career was attending MHS for my freshman year. The wall to wall academies and block schedule do not work, and what Dr. Salerno is trying to do by being "new and innovative" is just aggravating. The bell schedule is very chaotic, and the academies here do not offer much. Even ASIM is just average, and the other eight are even poorer quality. This school can not pay for subs and half the time we sat in the theater and got marked absent for the school's mistakes. There are fights EVERY DAY, people bring guns, the hallways constantly reek of drugs, some girls are pregnant, students are very disrespectful, and there is racoon poop that is never cleaned up for weeks. I legitimatley feared for my safety every day at Mainland. The sports and band are really great, I'll give them that, and I had a few nice friends. But overall, my experience was miserable. Yes, all schools have problems, but Mainland is especially bad. I'm not just saying this to be rude or anything, it's just the truth. I got a transfer to attend a different high school, and now I am VERY happy there. If you actually care about your future, look into Spruce Creek or Atlantic. Please don't make the same mistake that I made. I'm going to be honest and tell you: Do. Not. Come. Here. I wish somebody would've told me that before.
As a teacher here, I'm very disappointed in the direction the school has gone. Several teachers have stated they would like to leave the school, and education in general after the disarray this year. The principal went forward with a plan to implement several different schedule changes, which has created chaos for faculty, administration, and staff. This plan was constructed "on the fly" with no guidance or accountability it seems, and after dropping from a "B" school to a "C" school, it will be miraculous if we do not drop to an "F". Students frequently skip, and the violence you hear about in the newspapers stems from a lack of structure/foresight by the administrative staff. They do not respect the teachers here, and the one saving grace, is the effort that each one of us puts in day in/day out. Each of us is dedicated to your children, and it is our hope, that our administration allows us to do so in 2017-2018 (those of us who remain). We frequently have high turnover due to the frustrations, and it's a shame to see such a wonderful place deteriorate so rapidly.
Being a student at Mainland for four years was the best decision I've ever made! This school is like no other. Everyone who works here gives out so much love and dedication with Buc Pride! This school has amazing academies for all students and the opportunities for the Buccaneers are endless! Here at our Buc Paradise, we are family and Buc Pride Never Dies!
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