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Deltona Middle School

Deltona, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 1076


Deltona Middle School
250 Enterprise Road
Deltona, FL 32725
(386) 860-3350
Deltona Middle School is located in Deltona, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 4 out of 10
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Horrible school I just can't express it enough. I feel like the students run it and the teachers are afraid. I had asked a teacher once if they give homework so I can help my child at home to improve his grades and her response was no because most don't turn it in anyways. So what about the ones who do or for the parents who want to help thier kids. I mean who are the adults here. If a child does wrong they are quick to suspend them, well for most of them that is not a punishment but a way for the school to temporarily get rid of the problem. Call the parent request abmeeting use tge guidance councelor. I didn't know my son had all those referrals until about the 17th one. He did not have any last year. This school is awful in communicating with parents. I only had 1 teacher come forward to let me know he was failing. Why wait for a child to be failing when we could have started a few months prior. I found out in the 2nd marking period they have tutoring available because I brought it up. Having four F's didn't raise up the flags. This is my son's first year here and hopefully I can send him somewhere else next year.
We are having problems with communication at this school and implicating 504 plans. The lack of parent teacher involvement. The school does not allow parents to come to class without 24 hour notice to teachers. Just like students are surprised to see there parents if teacher are following the rules it should not be a problem for a parent to come into class to make sure their child is doing the right thing. That is why the school does not have a lot of parent involvement. Staff member do not follow timely procedures as far as communication with parents.
HORRIBLE! If i where a parent I would not send my kids here but I am a student and my parents really don't care the teachers here are ok but then there are few that EVERYONE who have/had them hate and I have that one teacher this whole year also some of my friends got bullied last year so they did what they where told like go to the 6th grade house and report it and stuff so they had done that nothing was done about it the staff only cares about u if u r popular otherwise u r just as good as a piece of gum on the bottom of their shoe I hate it here and I want to go to heratige middle school so bad
This year is my 8th grade year at Deltona middle. And for the last 2 years I would have to say the ratings have dropped from a 6 down to a 4. Some teachers seem like they don't care whether the students successfully Pass or fail. Yet on the other hand some teachers actually want students to pass. My recamendation is to the Volusia county school board is not to change principles every year. It confuses us students because of the different required yest scores. All so about Deltona middle, some of the teachers bully students which is very UNPERFESIONAL. If Deltona middle were to close down I would not be surprised.
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