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Chimney Lakes Elementary School

Jacksonville, FL
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  • Grades K-5
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  • Enrollment: 1050


Chimney Lakes Elementary School
9353 Staples Mill Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32244
(904) 573-1100
Chimney Lakes Elementary School is located in Jacksonville, FL and serves grades K-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 7 out of 10
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Were new here. They seem to care a whole lot about safety which makes me feel great! Alot of parents are annoyed with it but I can wait 5 extra minutes for my kids to come out if I know it is for their wellbeing and safety.
Horrible. Alot of parents I know have left and went elsewhere or decided to homeschool.
My daughter has gone to this school K-3. We do like the school and her teachers have all been great. I have noticed teachers yelling at the kids at lunch but those kids can get noisy and there has to be some kind of control. They do allow the kids to talk during lunch however if the noise level gets to high they control the situation by turning off the lights to let the kids know it’s a voice level 0. The teachers hold the children accountable and yes they use the students to clean off the tables after the children eat lunch. It’s more of on a volunteer basis it’s not mandatory for children to clean lunch tables. They want to be the “helper!” My daughter could use more of a challenge with her IEP. I feel like she no longer receives the services she should receive because they’re trying to say she’s close to meeting her IEP when she hasn’t. I still see struggles with her learning. I’m beginning to think they’re keeping her in the program to receive money but not actively pushing her to work harder to achieve her goals because they’re ready to phase her out. I do love the school and the teachers so far and hopeful to see what the next 2 years are going to be like. The transportation issues are worse and worse every year I used to take my daughter to school every year but this year I have let her ride the bus. I cannot deal with the atrocious mess that they have every morning and afternoon at that school. The city should consider road widening to help alleviate some traffic concerns. I suggest allowing drop off in the bus loop after 8:15 am and again in the afternoon when buses leave as well as in the parent pick up area/drop off area to help the influx of traffic go through faster. The DCPS officers have tried to come up with a better solution but it has little to no effect to the issues. You need more than one place with one line to pick up or drop off the children in the morning/afternoon. I do volunteer my time when I can and am well known at the school by faculty and staff. I think it’s important to be actively involved in your child’s learning and that includes parent involvement to help the school succeed.
My child has been going to this school for 3years it's an ok school but my only problem is the teachers, when a child is being bullied they don't do anything about it and when a child asks for help they tell the child to figure it out on your own or tell the child "well you should have been listening"..umm not sure but I think a teacher is supposed to be there for their students right.. this school is going down hill.
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