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Parkway Middle School

Kissimmee, FL
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  • Grades 6-8
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  • Enrollment: 939


Parkway Middle School
857 Florida Parkway
Kissimmee, FL 34743
(407) 344-7000
Parkway Middle School is located in Kissimmee, FL and serves grades 6-8.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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The administration staff are not well trained, rood , not helpful and not educated enough.The principal is not friendly, do not know what to do , not active and do not welcome people. She also has no patients on parents and act as if she own the building and everything else and as a dictator .Teachers are generally OK, but not really good.There is no coordination between administration and departments . Parents are forced to take their kids to this school because of the old fashion and ugly system of board of education ( Zoning System ). The Board members are not really concern about schools in their district , but about getting paid as the principal is. Lunch is sucks , not healthy and boring. some teachers works as spy to the office and not trained enough to deal with kids. Kids has to carry their book back all the times, its not healthy for these little kids , they should be giving lockers to use. No supervision in school.
I believe some, not all, of the teachers need far more training/education. One of the teachers actually recommended her class to utilize Google translate to learn Spanish. That's just pure laziness in my opinion.
I have a hard time believing this school is getting a rating of 4 stars. The teaching staff and their classroom curriculum are, for the most part, really good. Those that care are great at engaging the students and helping them be excited to learn. But, the overwhelming amount of pressure on the students from hours of homework and very real fear that they won't do well in the many, many tests they have to take is too much. My daughter is a great student but her grades took a big hit from all of it. We also had constant threats of suspension from the Administration for ridiculous things like wearing a hoodie (we had to cut it off her coat, so she wouldn't freeze outside between classes in the winter!) or being late for a single class. The attitude of the Principal is closed minded and she runs the school like a prison. But, if you have a genuine concern or try to contact them for any reason there is no response whatsoever. I tried calling about a doctor-excused absence every week for 2 months and couldn't get anyone to call me back. We're changing schools. This was the worst experience we've ever had at a school, and we are very involved parents with an exceptional student.
The three stars that I am giving this school are for some of the extraordinary teachers that my daughter had. She is an engaging girl and had a lot of fun and learned a lot from a number of teachers. We are, however, pulling out daughter out of this school because of the extreme rules and constant threat she felt like she was under. This came mainly from the deans and the principal. When I spoke to the principal about the punishment that was handed out her exact words were, "Well if you don't like it you can take her out of the school." In her opinion she and her staff could do no wrong. Also, they are on the IB schedule. This means they have eight classes; four one day and the other four the next. They are not allowed to use lockers and have to carry all of their books with them all day. This really sucks if you weigh 75lbs and have to carry a band instrument with all of your books for the day and your lunch. I hope for the kids sake the lunch room food improves. Last warning: Don't get caught wearing a hoodie or you will get at the very least in school suspension even if it is cold outside.
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