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Columbia High School

Lake City, FL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1961


Columbia High School
469 Southwest Fighting Tiger Drive
Lake City, FL 32025
(386) 755-8080
Columbia High School is located in Lake City, FL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 3 out of 10
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this school is the best school ever
I just graduated from this school last year, and while I can say there are some truly fantastic teachers and administrators there, overall my experience with the school itself has been atrocious. Whole there are some amazing teachers, I have to say a majority wither don't know what they're doing, or are so childish that they are willing to have a thirty minute petty argument with a student while others are trying to work. There was an issue with how my credits transferred from another school, and they're normally supposed to tell you about it around the beginning of senior year, but they notified me that I had 24 hours to do an entire course I had already completed my freshman year, or I would not graduate, keep in mind, this was 3 days before the graduation ceremony. The school is practically falling apart, about two years ago, a student fell through the ceiling while looking for band supplies, a majority of the desks are upwards of 20 years old and are falling apart, and the entire school gives off the feeling of needing a long hard clean, then updates to pretty much every aspect of it's construction. The internet restriction had gotten to a truly rediculous point by the end of my senior year to where on some computers you couldn't even go onto Google without needing a school board issued "special pass code" keep in mind they implemented about 4 different website blocking programs at once so it was impossible to do much of anything other than look at the school board website. There's no wifi for students to use their own technology on, and the music department has been completely abandoned, both the chorus and marching band have uniforms and dresses that are over a decade old and are falling apart at the seams, while the football team and every other sports branch has brand new stuff and is constantly worshipped by both the student body and most of the faculty. The cafeteria food is a joke, students aren't allowed to bring food from restaurants in, and there are no vending machines with any kind of snack food, so kids who don't want to eat disgusting slop must either pack their lunches or go hungry. Not to mention that during lunches students are not allowed to leave campus or even walk in the hallways, so they shove students in the cafeteria, easily hundreds over the legal limit. This has hands down been the worst school I've ever attended.
I am a student going into my senior year. I do NOT recommend sending any student to this school. Not only do atleast over half of the teachers there not actually teach what needs to be taught, but the administrators are completely unfair, unconcerned, and not hepful in any way. Some of the rules are unheard of. There is always 'favorites', in other words, the students that play a sport or are really active in school activities. On top of their nonchalant attitudes, a lot of the students there are so incredibly rude. Not to mention, the bullying that is done there, honestly, you can find so many videos online of fights that have taken place at the school. I do give them credit on quickly sending those kids home, but there has been, on more thann one occasion, students that walk around threatening other students lives, and when the issue is reported to somebody, absolutely NOTHING i done about it. I honestly fear, everyday, of what will happen everyday there. All I can say is, I'm so glad I have one more year left, then I can finally get out of that hole.
I am a senior at Columbia High and to be honest, i would not recommend this school to a parent. The administration are not understanding and rude, they are very narrow minded and tend to have favorites whom you will never see in trouble. the school is not tolerant to those who are not in a sport / club / extracurricular activity. The school has ruined students academic future by sending them to alternative schools over petty rule breaking such as referrals because of wearing hats in the building or not wearing a belt. The school is over crowded and has an unfriendly atmosphere with crowded lunches and hallways filled with rude students. if you have any other choice of schools to send your child go with them. Coming from a student with experience with this school.
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