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Leesburg Elementary School

Leesburg, FL
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  • Grades PK-5
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  • Enrollment: 777


Leesburg Elementary School
2229 South Street
Leesburg, FL 34748
(352) 365-6308
Leesburg Elementary School is located in Leesburg, FL and serves grades PK-5.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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The lack of adult supervision at this school is astounding. There have been several occasions where my second grader could have been kidnapped, because they pay no attention to the students. She has wandered off into fields with kids she doesn't know and been caught by other students. She has wandered off from the car riders pickup to go back to the portables to play with friends. She has been cornered by other students kissing her. She has physically and verbally been bullied. When she has spoken up about it, she gets called a tattle tale by the teachers. If she has to miss a day of schedule to illness or the never ending head lice she picks up at this school it takes 24 hours to get her makeup work. She has picked up a number of behavior issues from other kids. kids swear at the teachers and staff. The head lice are a constant battle as well. Every student doesn't get checked on the same day so they can all be treated at one time so they just get passed back around. When the nurse finds nits she plucks then off and tosses them on the floor. For a school that claims to focus on literacy my child is not challenged at all by the level she is assigned to read. She is still allowed to check out books from the library that are below her assigned level so there's no challenge. EDIT: Yes, the principal and other administrators were made aware of the issues when they happened but they continued to not fix the issues, and my child was reprimanded for her behavior. Next kidnapping is not extreme. There are times the gates are open and one could easily sneak in. As for the lice, it's like any parasite, if you don't treat all the infected people and areas at once they will continue to spread. I can kill them at home weekly but it won't stop her from getting more when she went back.A love of reading is important, but you also need to be challenged if you are going to get any better. I'm sorry that you are butthurt that someone feels differently than you do, but since my husband and I pulled her out to homeschool her, she's behaving 10's better, she isn't getting lice, she doesn't get bullied, and she's learning and advancing. She's excelling past her 2nd grade level work and doing 3rd-5th grade level work and understanding it. She's having more fun, having more hands on experience and absorbing more, not just memorizing things. Anyone who truly cares about the future of thier child would do the same and remove thier children from this school
A couple of facts: Head checks are conducted weekly at this school - every week. If your child keeps contracting lice, I would suggest that a better method of getting rid of them at home is needed. There is no school that has a 1 to 1 ratio with children - that would mean over 800 staff members. However, this school has an extremely high active supervision. Not to mention the entire campus is gated. Therefore, kidnapping would be difficult and a bit dramatic. If a child left to go back to the portables area, I hope he/she was reprimanded for breaking a rule. I also hope that you contacted the Principal to report the situation instead of rambling on public media. As far as her reading level, generally school libraries don't mandate the level of book a student can check out. Schools are trying to cultivate a love of reading, which includes reading for pleasure. This school is doing amazingly well this year. Discipline is down, achievement is up, and students/faculty are happy. It is exactly the type of school every parent should want their child in.
The staff starting with the principal down just sucks I had the principal threaten to call the police on me if I didn't pick my kids up by 3:45 an his excuse was because he has to pay his staff overtime I work in Fruitland Park so sometimes trying to get through traffic can be a hassle
Love the new principal and uniform policy keep up the great work and let's help this school rate 5 in lake county. Parents plz rate school. Best of luck this 2015-16 school year
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