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Miami Central Senior High School

Miami, FL
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  • Grades 9-12
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  • Enrollment: 1709


Miami Central Senior High School
1781 Northwest 95th Street
Miami, FL 33147
(305) 696-4161
Miami Central Senior High School is located in Miami, FL and serves grades 9-12.It received a GreatSchool rating of 2 out of 10
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This is a with a nice administration and staff who really care about our low income students.Besides this, Miami Central is a well recognized school state wide as well as nation wide for its strong football and basketball teams.This school also has several academies as well as FIU dual enrollment classes.Beatriz LizamaForeign Language Instructor at Miami Central Senior High school for 6 yrs and still counting.....
I graduated from Miami Central in the 80's. It was a great school and I'm proud to say I graduated from Miami Central. Times have changes and so has the school. I was surprised at the rating and happy to see a comeback. I left Miami Central and attended undergraduate and obtained my degree. I felt I was well prepared but back then everybody knew everybody and the teachers really cared about the students.
Personal Experience: I was a 10th grade student who attended Central (technically) last year; For starts let's just say that the school it self just gave you an immediate "Bad Vibe" once you stepped on the campus.Students: The students there were just plain "Reckless" and never cared enough to take initiative to come/stay in school. Thay also were just extremely disrespectful towards themselves, peers, and teachers.Teachers: From my standpoint, i had only ONE teacher who actually cared about my education and my well being. But the rest of my other teachers' treated my classmates and I with so much disrespect and disdain that I felt as if I had to defend myself in every time I got around them. The teachers were as petty and IMMATURE as the students were. They have PROVOKED and INSULTED students throughout the school year. One teacher had (personally) told me that I would not become anything in life and had called me a "B****!" (6/5/16)Recomendations: If you absolutely crea about your child's education and well-being, DO NOT send your child to this school.(It is for His/Her benefit and future.)
Miami Central has greatly changed throughout the years and we finally are making a comeback not to mention now we have great teachers that go up and beyond the call of duty, truly care for the students and how they are doing... there are more teachers now that care if one student it struggling than to focus on the FCAT Our new Principal has not only changed the school but has also motivated the students to do better and the teachers to try harder. The school is safe as opposed to what a lot of people think and the classes are also well worth the trouble. We have greatly changed, just because there are a few bad students doesn't mean that the school as a whole should have to keep the OLD Reputation that they are still giving us because this is a new year and we are a new school!
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